Monday, October 19, 2009

nbna script ready for publishing

19th Oct, 2009


Life has jumped a few more chapters ever since. I am now a ........... is a very insightful experience. Along with having received a very sensitive and wonderful way to bless people with my master’s continued grace, is making something inside become more softer, calmer and deeper. .......... see how everything begins to flow into its preset slot……

Grace continues to drive my life ..............., a la de vista dance of unseen manifesting divinity!

Music so profound, soulful, ....... silently loud, a ship anchored middle of nowhere, ,............steadfast, moving.......towards horizon. Will the journey ever be complete? ........... the freshness, the curiosity of what next could get carved into realm of time, with which chisel, what color, what texture, hue… is but in an unknown hand,..............I have been here so many times, yet it all is so refreshing and new……!!!

From IT to real IT, is what I explain to my respected government clients..... when asked how come I changed tracks..... From harmonizing various functions of an organization with aid of Information technology and tools to harmonizing seven layers of human existence by teaching sudarshan kriya taught in the art of living program takes me to real IT (inner transformation) space I love to see change in others.................. giving them a smile that can only be divine stemming directly from the heart….. Ha some work gifted to me at last… I love to get done through this concoction labeled me…..! Did I forget who I am or is it who I really am? Guess time to get this published has arrived………..!!! JAIGURUDEV

blessings at batla house - a healing touch angels at large

Sunday, May 3, 2009

sweet nothings

sweet nothings were not said,
infact nothing was even whispered

life moved from deep silence into deeper silence
walking on the ashram grasses a moment came silently

time to move back home into the world so different
now here and now in this very split second of distant shore

i miss it all, the winds, the rain, the seva chore
i miss HIM, i miss u all, the eternal experience shared

endless wisdom bared, bhajans, music, sutras
established and polished, life moves on yet something stares

a longing so vast, like a spell someone cast
with closed eyes i visualise thee, the present, the future, the past...

so much said yet so much left
a windy gush of fragrant air, come take me there, take me there...

Monday, February 9, 2009

The MARCH continues....

chalo chalo lets do the MARCH
niklo gharse karne ko re-charge
guru ke sang jagayen duniya ko hum
sab vote karenge aao khayen/khilayen kasam

doosra patakha Guru ne hai choda
kuch terrorism, corruption pe thoda
tum bhi utth lo ho jao sang
hum to rangen bas unhi ke rang

ek nahin, log sau hazaar chalenge
democracy ke naye dwaar khulenge
apni apni dhun main gaao
sab ko voting ka raag sunaao

chalta hai bas nahin chalega
sabko vote karna padega
aaj abhi main mauj manao
apne saath auron ko laao

sone ki chidiyon ka ho dera
sapno ka phir saakar basera
ik ik kar kaarvan badhaao
tum bhi aao unko bhi laao

jo hum sabke hain itne pyaare
sabko unki aawaaz pukare
dhyaan lagaao, abhyaas badhaao
khud jago auron ko jagaao

hone ko hai naya sawera
jo tera kuch nahin hai mera
delhi hilaaoo, NCR ghumaao,
chahe sare jagko le aao

nayi daud mein bhaago bhagaao
is politics se ticks choodaao
jo roothein unhein haath pakad kar
saath le aaoo bas saath le aaooo

Friday, January 30, 2009

Cross Over

when you cross over to the other side of the bridge you realise the change in perspective has occurred.

a mountain turns back into the original mole hill once you have climbed over and gone past it. actual dimensions of the mountain seem to suddenly shrink from the perceived insurmountable height to something easily achievable. isn't it much true of all problems that become larger than life when times are not going too well? once we face them head on, with faith in the heart and brave through the so called tough patch keeping our chin up and head straight, looking surely into future while feet firmly grounded on the present. we take one step forward with commitment to overcome our own limitations, iron out any kinks and decide to re-write our own destiny, letting the grace of master do its magic, without even once doubting its ability to make us rise and shine to our own created situation and deal effectively with it, making us much stronger and mature in the process. when it dawns on us, we recognise it and move through to the next phase on our existence on the path and i like to call it the CROSS OVER!!!

have you experienced cross over yet? share your experience using the comments area.

i intend writing more on this, come back for a recent experience in a few days......

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mind matters: waiting to unfold‏

Divine has a plan. Always there is a plan working in the background. A big picture not very difficult to visualise for a silent saint. It is creating a kind of deep untouched passionate yearning somewhere inside I cannot reach. Somewhere I wish I could forever be. Somewhere far off in the darkest layer of a thick forest. I wish to fly there and be. In the noisy de-stabilising churning movement of the race one finds oneself sucked in every now and then, where is the space to stand back and stare blankly at the crowds, gaze at stars or enjoy the flow of a river from its bank. Somewhere at the end of the road, somewhere beyond the horizon, beyond the milky way, perhaps leading towards end of universe....

. or beyond!

Looking at whats going around, taking part in the flow of events, being the drop in the waterfall that follows the others with the fall to make it right into the splashy puddle of water body surrounded by rocks below, splurging, rising, simmering with a glitter of sun peircing through, droping back into and finally onwards onto forming another stream ready for another jump, life of a drop that once sat atop a glacier, transformed from ice to snow to itself, from stilled saturated form to distilled liquid carrying the message of love from mountains all the way towards an ocean.....!

In nothingness of everything, in everything that is nothing, there is somewhere always something, hidden to be observed, discovered or touched.

Bramha Naad is one such occasion to leave it all behind for a few days and enjoy the unseen, tune into music of divine love 1000+ sitarist are yearning to play, create inner waves of pure bliss surpassing all high tides an ocean experiences. Come be there for divine always has a plan waiting to unfold.

ek patakha Guru ne choda kuch mittha kuch khattha thoda

chalo chalo lets do the dhamaal
niklo gharse karne ko kamaal
siddarth ke sang dein duniya ko rang
bramh naad ki udayein milkar patang

ek patakha Guru ne choda
kuch mittha kuch khattha thoda
tum bhi chakhlo ho jao sang
hum to rangen ab unke ke hi rang

ek nahin, SITAR hazaar bajenge
satyug ke kayin dwaar khulenge
apni apni dhun main gaaoo
sab ko bramh ka naad sunaaoo

chalta hai ab nahin chalega
sabko shaamil hona padega
aaj abhi main mauj manao
apne saath auron ko laaoo

jo hum sabke hain itne pyaare
sabko unke dikhlaaoo nazaare
ik ik kar kaarvan badhaaoo
tum bhi aao unko bhi laaoo

sone ki chidiyon ka dera
sapno ka ho saakar basera
dhyaan lagaao, abhyaas badhaaoo
khud jago auron ko jagaoo

hone ko hai naya sawera
jo tera kuch nahin hai mera
delhi hilaaoo, NCR ghumaaoo,
chahe sare jagko batlaaoo

nayi daud mein bhaago bhagaaoo
is dharti ko swarg banaaoo
jo chhootein unhein haath pakad kar
saath le aaoo bas saath le aaooo

abhi hanskar WOH hmmmm kahenge
lo chodo phir saans bharenge
kann kann main nayen praan dharenge
maathe ki shikann harkar woh
phir hansenge khoob hansenge

karo humari sewa swikaar
kardo karmon ka beda paar
bas teran (13) aur din bachen hain
har pal pal-pal sab jeet rahen hain

hum sab an ek hain: bramh naad

United we stand, divided we fall,
some of us dwarf, others a bit tall,
some doing big things, others small,
now is the time for HIS call,
to celebrate differences yet do it all,

Bramh Naad will make history and go
you will remember it for how much you grow
fasten your belts and jump in the show
so shall you reap as much you sow
for there are only 14 days left to go!

music of life - dance with divine

Everything around is in a sort of dance.
Like snakes intertwined in opposite direction, DNA moves in a helix structure.
Blood moves through the arteries and veins pumped up to the lub-dub of beating heart.
Sensations transmit electrical charge across neurons, carrying messages to and fro from senses to brain via central nervous system.
Breath carrying energy and toxins moves in and out of the lungs, rejuvenating the body.
Humans like bubbles floating atop a wavy ocean, dance up and down to the tune of love.
Butterflies swarm the flowers in an attempt to suck divine nectar.
Planets move around the sun, moon moves around the earth.
Milky way moves in a spiral inside a galaxy, the universe has so many stars spinning around their axis.
Synchronised vibration of all pores making each cell pulsate to divine charge, gives rise to once in a million lifetime happening.
(21st Nov, 6pm, Sector 32, Noida) is a rare opportunity to witness anything close to the music of life.
Dance to the tune of divine.
Join Siddarth's bandwagon, creating ripples of joy, awareness and a mini history of numerous satsangs in a row.....
Be part of the last lap of next few mega evening rocks @Great India Place (14th, FRI), Shipra Mall (15th, SAT), Shoprix Mall (16th, SUN)
Flavor one guitar, few strings and imagine what 1000+ sitarist would do to our environment....!!!

Rock Om with Siddarth - Brahmnaad Promotion Grande Finalle

Today we rocked Shipra Mall, Ghaziabad and are all set to shake Noida from its epicentre ATTA tomorrow.
Donald ducks will dance outside MacD, Atta, Sector 18, Noida on Sunday, 16th Nov 2008 6:00pm to the tune of Siddarth's Sufi Strings.
This ends the series of Rock Satsangs held over last few weeks to create BrahmNaad Awareness and we would like you all to be there and make it the GRANDEST so far. Your presence will enhance the beauty. Let us gather to showcase our powerful presence and inspire onlookers to jump in.

If you cannot convince them, confuse them, if you cannot confuse them, conspire to inspire them with music.


Brahmnaad memories com/watch? v=YT7velSnfKk

Guruji's talk on Brahmnaad 2008- 21st Nov 2008.- A translation

Both, Music and spirituality bring harmony in life. Meditation brings silence within and brings music from the soul. Whereas, good music brings calmness to the mind, and gives rest and strength to the body.

It has always been my liking to make the impossible, possible. Whenever I said, that many Sitars will be played simultaneously, people always told me, that is impossible…it can never happen. I said, “The power of Yog makes possible what seems impossible.â€

When so many sitars play at the same time, it is not just Sound ( Naad ), it is Divinity - Brahmanaad.

We are a nation of a billion people. We should be able to find 1000 sitar players from within Delhi . But this did not happen. We had to search for them from all over India and bring them together. This shows that we have ignored our music and culture. We are not giving as much importance and priority as it deserves.

So, through this programme, we get this message, that we should encourage our children to learn Indian classical music. We will make our culture glow brighter. We want to keep our classical music alive. Today, we can see here, people of all age are present, from a 6 year old child to a 77 year old scholar.

There is a saying - kavya shastra vinodak alok gacchate dhimata

It is a sign of intelligent person that he devotes his time to music, art, scriptures, poetry, wit and meditation.

And, a foolish person wastes his time in addictions, quarrels, botheration and all kinds of frivolous conversation and gossip. They stay busy creating trouble for themselves and others. It is a necessity in this country, that people become intelligent and start spending their time in art and culture.

So I would like youth here....more and more youth to learn the classical music. It´s a unique gift to the world. Our classical music is unique in itself, it uplifts the spirit...

So, this brahmanaad is a call to all the people of India .

First, it is “ annam brahmaâ€- Food is god. Our anscectors have said. Grow food. There is no need to go and search for God anywhere else...´anne brahme tejana´ See God in food. Feed the hungry. In our scriptures, much is said about this.

Next is `prana-brahma´- Life-energy is god. Worship life. Do sadhana, pranayam, meditation. Make your life glow from within by doing regular sadhana.

Then there is `naad-brahma´- the divine sound. Blend with the melody…get immersed with the rhythm. It is a kind of meditation. Through music, you will transcend to a ‘samadhi’ – a higher level of being.

Then, science is God, Knowledge is god. Then, there is a realization, Joy is god.

In this way, the idea of the progress of life, the goal of life, the evolution of life is conceptualized.

Today we are at a moment in history, when if we save our culture, we revive our ancient arts, then they will flourish.

So, I am grateful to all these musicians here. These days, lesser number of people prefer to listen to classical music. Still, these musicians are taking immense interest in music by learning it, and they are inspiring others to take interest in it. For sure, their effort will be fruitful. And, we always have our music maestros, like ShivKumar ji…their blessings will always be there for all the musicians .

So, if you want to save Indian culture, save our music…save our traditions, lifestyle and food habits.

Our relations, interactions with all, is traditionally sweet, favourable. India is the only country in the world which has never attacked any other country. Such is our culture of truth and non-violence. Through Music, yog, by practicing pranayam and meditation, we will put our culture on a even higher pedestal.

We will soothe all the souls who are in need. People in Bihar are suffering. But they are serving as an example to the whole world. These days there is a big financial crisis. All around, people are depressed. Their enthusiasn has died out. They are scared. In these times, the people of Bihar have a message for all, look at us. We have lost everything in floods. But still, we are alive. We are in a worse situation than you all. But God is within us.

God will surely help these people. They are so many of them. They will surely come together and find a solution.

We believe that the whole world is one family…Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.. This is the culture we are born in. Can we not help those in need? We can definitely help each other. That much humanity is still alive… we will all help eath other.

Spread this word all around from here. Whosoever is sad, for any reason, or is filled with remorse and aversion, we have a message for all. You are not alone. We are with you. Come to this path. This is a path laid by ancient seers. Of Nonviolence and truth. Walk on this path and the see how life is filled with light. A new Light, new enthusiasm is born…hmmm….

Sitting here now, I just had a thought…I wrote something on what is Naada Brahma? There is a song about Brahma…shall we sing? Then we will sit for a meditation.

Naad Brahma....Ninaad Brahma.... .
Naad Brahma....Ninaad Brahma....
Shabdh Brahma....Nishabd Brahma...
Naad Brahma....Ninaad Brahma....
Shabdh Brahma....Nishabd Brahma...
Naad Brahma....Ninaad Brahma....

Jiva Brahma....Jagatpi Brahma....
Drishta ....Darshan. ...Drishyam Brama....
Naad Brahma....Ninaad Brahma....
Naad Brahma....Ninaad Brahma....

Saguna....nirguna. ..sarvam Brahma...
Saaram Brahma....samadhi Brahmam...
Naad Brahma....Ninaad Brahmam....
Shabdh Brahma....Ne- shabdh Brahma
Naad Brahma....Ninaad Brahma....

Akshar Brahama....Shashvat i Brahma.....
Gyaan, Vigyaan Pragyaan Brahma...
Naad Brahma....Ninaad Brahma.....
Naad Brahma....Ninaad Brahma....

Adi Brahma...Anaadi Brahma....Anan Brahma...Aneyam Brahma
Praram Brahma...Paratpar Brahma....Gyaan Brahma....Pragyaan Brahma...
Adi Brahma...Anaadi Brahma... Adi Brahma...Anaadi Brahma...
Anan Brahma...Aneyam Brahma
Param Brahma....Paratpar Brahma....
Gyaan Brahma....Pragyaan Brahma...
Naad Brahma.....Ninaad Brahma....
Naad Brahma....Ninaad Brahma....
Shabdh Brahma.....Nishabd Brahma...
Naad Brahma....Ninaad Brahma....

Jai Gurudev

Is Myth a Word?

If myth is infact a word, it is not the meaning it denotes or that one understands behind. if it is not a word but infact the meaning it indicates, what is myth anyways? a word or what you think what it denotes or what it actually denotes, that somebody defined in the websters dictionary or decided to use as a way to express what was intended to be expressed, and what makes you certain that there was no mistake committed in making it mean what it was originally meant to mean?

seems like words are themselves a myth, which means there is nothing called myth, nothing called a word, nothing that you are seeing written here, nothing that is flowing from somewhere deep inside called me, through that called keyboard, inside a laptop, now appearing on this screen which was sometimes ago appearing exactly like this on another laptop screen, somewhere in space, time or beyond, and something called email, made it all appear in your mailbox that you accessed a while ago to read what was written sometimes ago, somewhere, some place for some purpose, or without any either... its easy to be in that space for these are all words which have no real identity, no real existence, no reality infact.

in an ridculously dubious attempt to express something that one has never seen, only perhaps experienced, came about the need to create something called a word denoting some sound, attaching a meaning, an expression and in the process a limitation got attached to that which is limitless. there is limit within the un(limit)ed similarly there is some expression within inexpressible. question is what you see when you see or hear a word, some letters, a sound, a distortion of something that is beyond any distortion? what is it that you seek, what is it that you find, what is it that remains after the search within the research is completely abandoned after being completed? all mantras are distortions of mother word "OM".

is it a word, a sound, a syllable, a vowel, a noun, a vibration, or a indication of something that is unknown, unseen, unexpressed? what is it? i ask what it really is? have you thought that even thought is a word at some level of expression and it creates a ripple on the mind scape to create the mind (another word) for what it is thought to be (another word)?? looking into vast sky at twilight or dawn, into the vast emptiness, do you sometimes feel the vastness within, for everything is only denoting something else, an indication of something that cannot be seen, felt experienced, defined, touched, sensed, smelt, heard, tasted... when we look at leaves, birds, trees, sun, moon, animals, human beings, or anything else that has been defined using words, are they really what they really appear to be or a glimpse of something that really IS?

my search continues, through the words, into the meaning, from the feelings, onto emotions (electromagnetic movement on the surface of mind - a thought), mind and beyond!!!

come follow me, fly into unchartered territory, having no existence in an attempt to catch the real me.......

Meditation the best worship

When you close your eyes and sit down comfortably to meditate into nothingness you are actually getting ready to plug into the largest unseen reality that abounds everything in and around us. that massive divine light which radiates from within as if from nowhere to everywhere and yet nowhere shows us the glimpse of something that is beyond words, beyond lights of million suns, radiance of billion moons, unlimited energy, unbound something you recognise as bliss anand, peace joy or something similar represented by other words.....

how can i share with you what is so personal, what is the only experience worth sharing, the only truth worth contemplating , the only light worth displaying, the only music worth humming, the only lyric worth singing, the only story worth narrating, the only gossip worth indulging in, the only tune worth playing....

meditation is the best worship for it shows you that what really IS, that what you are, that what we all are made up of, that what we came from that what we will all merge back into, to be in touch with that what is what everything IS... worshipping by sitting for meditation everyday is the only way to praise the SELF, praise that what is, praise what you are, praise what you came bestowed within, holding somewhere deep inside clouded by our own little ignorance that awaits to be unveiled, how ever so desperately forever so ever more.....

just blow it all away, let the veil be thrown off all inner hidden or visible corners of your being, and just meditate....!!!

uncover your innate deep meditative ability, join any of the upcoming the AOL part II, the erstwhile advance meditation courses to make your learning of basic course more holistic. check with your nearest area coordinator, volunteer, teacher for course details....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Perspective: beyond the opposites

Opposites values are complimentary. Sounds familiar?

Yes if there was no night, would one ever appreciate a day? If life went on a smooth track all the while, would it be fun at all? What would darkness mean without light? What would deep silence mean if there was no noise around sometimes? What would good mean without a bad? What would high be without a low? What would thin be without a fat to compare with?

Isnt it funny that everything we perceive the way we do, is because there is an exact opposite way it can also be perceived? When life is going on a low ebb, does it not mean it will soon turn into a high one? Well whenever I expereinced a low rough patch in life, it always appeared as a passing phase, soon to be overcome by something nicer, being hatched up while the low ebb lasts. Sometimes it gets really difficult to continue on with this kind of a perspective, but keeping an unmoving faith always paid off in the end. The longer it lasts, the more time next higher one gets to hatch. Have you ever felt same, or been through a similar motion?

Well having seen many lows and some highs, life looks like a sinewave, sometimes, moving from low to high, sometimes, from high back to low. The crests and troughs may be of varying heights or depths, yet it all tends to even out eventually across. Each breath we take in is followed by one we exhale out while life exists (between the first one we inhale, when we arrive on this planet in this form/body, and the last one we exhale, when we drop the body). Some short breaths, some long ones, some feverish, some calm, some loud, some subtle, some agitated, some absolutely smooth. It is so very comparable. A similar pattern, if some scientist were to research, I am sure they would find a correlation. But I would leave it at it for now.

It is kind of strange, that life is the way it is. For when I look at it from one perspective, it is looks good, I make a shift in my view and the perspective turns ugly. Is that really what life is truly about, a bunch of perspectives, bundled together opposites, just complimenting/adding value to each other? I recall what Guruji often shares, that you do not even really believe in your own perception, giving example of sun rising or setting, we call/perceive it that way though we all know sun never rises or sets, it is the rotation of earth about its own axis that makes it appears so.

So where lies the real truth then? Amongst pair of opposites, or beyond those, somewhere in an entirely different dimension, that begins to open up slowly when we learn to ride with each trough and sync deep into each crest as we move across span of life?

Living in the moment, living to the fullest, sinking deep into what life throws at us, welcoming it with open arms, for if its not looking so good on surface, deep within, it actually is cooking a message of brighter tomorrow, so it is worth examining and digging deeper into? Is it therefore really not good at all? When times are running bad and appear to be going downhill even further, I always remember that somewhere close enough, this is all going to take a U-turn, an up-turn and eventually take you towards a peak at least of similar depth, if not more. But is that what we really get to experience when we are in sync with times, taking deep dive into every moment that comes our way, with a heart filled with gratitude, that somewhere in the deep silence of the moment, when despite our crying out loud to the skies, nature is choosing to remain silent for a little longer, then you know even more surely that it is ironing out wrinkles, plucking the weeds, preparing the soil and pumping the ground to bring forth a fresh, more meaningful and supple harvest in near future?

Each time, I felt a need to pray to the master, I always cried out loud in my own deep silence and I know it always reached him. Yet sometimes, out of sheer ignorance, one ended up writing a note demanding some kind of response. Knowing well that the way nature responds is a mystery, but it does respond to your needs, always in the best conceivable manner known or unknown. Still a little glimpse into the future, an indication is sometimes welcome, but if the master chooses to remain silent, know that he now wants you to pick up the threads and make you feel you are making them work for yourself, though he has lined it up all already and has worked harder than ever to straighten it out for you.

In my view it all lies beyond the opposites, somewhere even beyond the perspective we may be aligned with. A truth that sounds so familiar yet unheard of, un-sung yet vibrating with best tune, un-seen yet displaying best known picture on a blanked out canvass. A writeup of a different kind telling a familiar story, yet pulling a very distinct chord somewhere very deep from the inner recesses of my humbled being.............!

May my master be with you as HE chooses to be with me in all my moments, making them memorable, most meaningful portions of my untold lifestory!!!

Aho Niranjana!!!