Monday, January 12, 2009

Is Myth a Word?

If myth is infact a word, it is not the meaning it denotes or that one understands behind. if it is not a word but infact the meaning it indicates, what is myth anyways? a word or what you think what it denotes or what it actually denotes, that somebody defined in the websters dictionary or decided to use as a way to express what was intended to be expressed, and what makes you certain that there was no mistake committed in making it mean what it was originally meant to mean?

seems like words are themselves a myth, which means there is nothing called myth, nothing called a word, nothing that you are seeing written here, nothing that is flowing from somewhere deep inside called me, through that called keyboard, inside a laptop, now appearing on this screen which was sometimes ago appearing exactly like this on another laptop screen, somewhere in space, time or beyond, and something called email, made it all appear in your mailbox that you accessed a while ago to read what was written sometimes ago, somewhere, some place for some purpose, or without any either... its easy to be in that space for these are all words which have no real identity, no real existence, no reality infact.

in an ridculously dubious attempt to express something that one has never seen, only perhaps experienced, came about the need to create something called a word denoting some sound, attaching a meaning, an expression and in the process a limitation got attached to that which is limitless. there is limit within the un(limit)ed similarly there is some expression within inexpressible. question is what you see when you see or hear a word, some letters, a sound, a distortion of something that is beyond any distortion? what is it that you seek, what is it that you find, what is it that remains after the search within the research is completely abandoned after being completed? all mantras are distortions of mother word "OM".

is it a word, a sound, a syllable, a vowel, a noun, a vibration, or a indication of something that is unknown, unseen, unexpressed? what is it? i ask what it really is? have you thought that even thought is a word at some level of expression and it creates a ripple on the mind scape to create the mind (another word) for what it is thought to be (another word)?? looking into vast sky at twilight or dawn, into the vast emptiness, do you sometimes feel the vastness within, for everything is only denoting something else, an indication of something that cannot be seen, felt experienced, defined, touched, sensed, smelt, heard, tasted... when we look at leaves, birds, trees, sun, moon, animals, human beings, or anything else that has been defined using words, are they really what they really appear to be or a glimpse of something that really IS?

my search continues, through the words, into the meaning, from the feelings, onto emotions (electromagnetic movement on the surface of mind - a thought), mind and beyond!!!

come follow me, fly into unchartered territory, having no existence in an attempt to catch the real me.......

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