Saturday, August 2, 2008

Avataar: The birth of divinity

Ever wonder how divinity takes birth on earth?

Was watching Jai Shri Krishna a while ago, when this question arose in hollow and empty mindspace. I decided to sit down after the TV serial ends to attempt answering this query. Guruji says some questions when answered loose their value, hence should be left unquenched. But some must be shared with everyone.

I strongly feel thoughts that flashed through my mind need to be written down and put across. I can see, these have the power to purify, the dulled mind. Whenever we are highly pained by some bad habit, devilish nature, born out of Kansa (the EGO) and are not able to find a way to get rid of it, we end up surrendering to the divine, hands folded in prayerfulness. We cry our heart out with longing for the divine to show us the way and relieve us of the pain of our suffering and deliver us from our own bad karma.

Tears well up into a prayer, like flowers from ocean of infinite peace (Vishnu Shakti) lying dormant within, rise high and mighty to give birth to a wave of unsurpassable energy. An emotion, with a passion stronger than stongest die-hard habit, ready to dislodge its head, like Krishna took birth in the dark night to be-head Kansa.

Have you ever noticed how effective and universal this process is? And Guruji says it so very often, when you will get sick of your habit, it would leave you. The process of anything going overboard indicates its end has arrived. Therefore when a bad habit, situation, event, time appears to be going beyond its limit, know that its end has arrived. And time of a new Avataar has begun.

Do you get it?

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