Sunday, July 6, 2008

KYC workshop insights - a CHILD of HIS own kind..!!

Having completed KYC TTC and attended 3 workshops (one during TTC 1 and other post KYC TTC), I realised during the most recent one, the subtle beauty of the workshop. And it makes me yet again wonder on the innocent intelligence of our GRAND MASTER ORCHESTRATOR..!!

Entire focus of the workshop is on helping parents/participants to understand how retaining the CHILD in a KID is very important for proper growth and peace of mind. Many questions asked by participants get addressed by understanding provided about how a child views life and how by becoming an integral part of his/her world we become better parents and get them to be part of our lives when we all grow older.

Rest of the questions make participants get an insight on why it is so important to either do an Art Excel or Yes or Yes Plus for their kids and Part I, etc. for themselves. Most importantly when we are able to properly retain the CHILD in a KID they would not need these other courses when they grow up to that age, for they would not gather inappropriate learning's, accumulate harmful habits, garner negative feelings and pent up stress and continue to smile like they always do.

While it is a mind-blowing 2 hours AOL Intro talk, it really has a base in every human being yearning to learn how to effectively deal with their child and therefore meant for all (AOLite/non-AOLite). If you have not been to a KYC workshop yet, you are missing a big lesson GURUJi has smartly embedded in it. Go attend one asap lest you later feel bad of having not taken the opportunity in time.

Good luck and happy understanding mysteries of child rearing!

If you want a KYC workshop organised at your AOL centre, colony, neighborhood, school, RWA, public auditoriums in your locale, or in the basement of your house or in a corporate training hall of your organisation, feel free to write in your requirements to:, if you are anywhere in India., KYC co-ordinator for Delhi, NCR. or call 9971356663 for more insights.

If you have already attended one, do share your experience/insights.
In seva.....Neeraj (a CHILD of HIS own kind...::))....!!!

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