Sunday, July 6, 2008

GURUdom from land of saints...

Can you be the GURU that you are?

How many times in life did you awaken to your inner reality of a unquenched thirst for a higher power to provide you the instant solution you often seek from that someone?

And by the way who is that someone you are often seeking?

In your absolute stunned numb state when you yearn for the answer your mind desperately searches, your agony, your anguish, your self ordained voidful situation, your pain inflicted moment, from the core of darkest dungeon in hope for a light to shine from somewhere to brighten your dulled dingy environment, what are you waiting for, and whom?

There once was a king who lost his kingdom in attacks from a foreign emperor. He was in complete loss, miserable at his own state and condition of people of the land he was deemed to protect. He decided to build afresh. He called his people to assemble at the altar of his ancestor whom everyone turned to in time of despair. He called upon his sacred religious leads to perform a yagna to please the heavens, to pardon their sins, to forgive and free them from their bad karma. Everyone soaked in the meditative mantra chanting that ensued and continued for over 7 days. Finally as if rising from his inner struggle, the king arose and started walking like an elephant towards his throne. And thus HE Spoke...... we have all reason to be sad, yet I tell you, the happiest moments are times when we resurface from our hidden deep silence, when we arise and agree within to fight back and face life as it comes by, with a smile that stems from heart, with resolve rooted in self confidence, with faith steadfast in the destiny that we create for us. I wish to share my most recent victory in the battle I fought over last few days, I stand here before you all, with my enemy eliminated, my mind duly seated on its throne, while I sit back on mine. There was a sudden sense of deep silence that brought a noticeable awe on those present, they thought the king had been possessed by the evil spirits. They all urged the religious leads and prayed to the ancestral godhead to grant their king the solace they thought he needed and provide him the sense of wisdom they felt was absolutely required in that moment.

The king caught that sense of awe from their eyes and once again rose from his throne and began to gaze from one side to the other. As if moved by his glance they all began to sit down wherever they stood. The chants continued in the background, each one closed their eyes and returned into the deepest silence they had not experienced ever before. They saw their king alighted on large white horse galloping away into the clouds. To everyone's utter astonishment, when they eventually opened their eyes, they could not find the king.

They all raised a huge cry alarmed by what they experienced. The religious leads asked them all to be quiet and rest in peace. They instructed them all to once again be seated in their places, close their eyes and wait for the moment to dawn in each one before they open their eyes. It eventually took years for everyone to come back to a normal situation, however the lesson they learnt that day left an impeccable impression for lifetimes, which now became a part of their consciousness.

Faith in one's inner ability is one thing, relying upon someone whom you have entrusted your life with is another story. Where is the difference in that innate principle and that which reflects from someone's larger than life exhibit? The two stem from same substratum, one has blossomed, the other in its nascent stage, one spreading the fragrance, other sprouting within, one ripe and pleasant other emerging from within. Both are a happening, both are a witness, both are existing, one to guide and lumen your environment, other to make you realize the need for reckoning the existence of that light within. Remember when you are being the guru to your own self, you are drawing from the same substratum, living the same principle, manifesting the same elemental characteristics that connects you to that which you know as your master. HE connects, and creates the longing, the urge, the yearning, the need, HE comes back as a thought wave, flashes across your empty mindscape, provides the solution that lies hidden and untapped within, raises your consciousness, refreshens it with hope, brightening that silver lining, enhancing the hue in your life painting, blowing the dirt out, removing the tiny specs, giving your canvass an enriched look.

Let us all bow to THAT, and be grateful for having HIM in our lives, enriching them and fullfiling them moment to moment for HE IS THAT, THOU ART HIM, THOU ARE THAT.

his divine instrument.......neeraj kohli (

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