Sunday, July 6, 2008

Can you retain the CHILD in your KID?

Dear Parent, Teacher, Uncle, Aunt or old child,

Moms know bringing up a kid is three jobs rolled into one. Most Dads realise this and attempt to share responsibility as much as their humdrum office lives allow. All a child seeks is a careful attention to pranks, appreciation of the energy body holds and exudes. Despite all our sincere efforts we know there is something more we would like to understand to hone up our kid handling skills.

Use of kid gloves to handle kids is a given however as parents we often find these bundles of love becoming headache generating machines screaming their top off taking our patience through the ceiling. They have learnt a tantrum or two over a period of time. Their intelligence is only to be marvelled at for they know how to get done what they want from each one they deal with at home or outside. Invest 2hours of your time to know exactly what a child needs to be reared without blowing your top. Afterall they deserve an insightful keen loving interaction from us..... come we will help you uncover how to retain the child in a kid.see you all at this beautiful Art of Living - "Know Your Child" Workshop open to all.

Venue: Manoranjan Hall, AIIMS, New Delhi
Date: 29th June 2008, Sunday
Time: 3-5pm (report in by 230 for registrations)
Jaigurudev.......Neeraj Kohli (9971356663)

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