Friday, July 25, 2008

from what kind are you to who am i !!!

in a room full of musical instruments gathered by an enlightened master, there are a few who love strokes of his delicate skillful fingers on the strings to let divine notes turn into unique fresh celestial symphony. then there are others who enjoy his soft touch, yet the tune that emerges is a known rythym. still few others when played on by him yield a kind of concotion, a cut from this one and a paste onto the other, like the present day remixes, noise ridden transcendental encapsulated relaunched old song with a new throttle....

when i began using talent gifted by divine for a nobel cause of spreading guru's gyan, i was perhaps of the remix kind (my own mingled with some others), slowly i graduated to different level where i began to reproduce something i had heard seen or read in my own words, yet essence would remain, different packaging, old known stuff. while this was happening a few glimpses of absolutely fresh thoughts, ideas & creations gave me a sense of boosted ego, that made me re-read my own creation over and over again, till i got over the initial ecstasy of having brought it out in first place. many a times genuine readers returned with compliments humbling me down a bit for i never thought it could, the way it impacted and inspired them. this in turn fuelled my inspiration and kept me going.

some instances took my ego to another level. like seeing creations blindly copied and reproduced by unknown or still worse known people with my name removed from the original piece. thankfully most of the piece remained intact in the plagerised reproduction. i even thought how can one implement a copyright law in all welcoming open spiritual realm. anyways everything that is to be said has already been said sometime or other in one form or other in a way understood by people in line with the times by someone or other. like it is known that mahabharata is there in the cosmic consciousness and there has been some sort of research to pick out the sounds of those times, since energy can only be transformed and never destroyed.

it initially hurt my ego and made me write back to some, asking them to take care and retain the name of the originator while forwarding a borrowed text that inspired them and they liked.. eventually when i realised, whose stuff is it anyways, who is the real author behind what is being written and for whose benefit, while the author may feel readers would greatly benefit the true beneficiary is perhaps himself. like any life experience, through anyone providing it, is only acting as a postman. it is really that the message is meant for you so you get to receive it, be thankful for that and not blame the messenger even if it is an apparently bad one, for eventually it would destroy an ugly part of you (eg a bad habit or an altered vision) and reestablish you with a fresh perspective. eventually i began to witness and bemused at the cut-paste culture in the cyberised "I" Tech spiritual field....

fact that everything is happening in self for self by self for fun and playfulness of self brings you out of the muddy ego spot your head gets stuck into while you see someone else smartly (actually foolishly, for real smartness is difficult to catch) reproducing your origination. so to keep your own mind at peace, you may choose to give them a piece of your mind without loosing your peace or choose to view it all as his divine fun plan at his own cost for the instruments through the instruments which are none other than his own extensions....get it!!!! or may get trapped into the even more foolish desire to revisit and reestablish the copyright law...

ok you do not get it, never mind, attempt this one:
moon goes around the earth? yes
earth goes around its own axis? yes
moon goes around it own axis? perhaps yes
earth goes around sun? yes
moon goes around sun? yes
sun goes around its own axis? yes
sun goes around in the milky way? perhaps yes
sun never sets or rises? hmm..... well.... yes... no.... dont really know any longer???
such is the nature of perception!!!
wonder who is going around whom? it is dependent upon who is seeing and from where what is being viewed is being viewed? so perspective can change the view, so is it the perspective or the beholder that is more powerful? even if it is seems to be the perspective, it belongs to beholder holding it anycase? get it?

technically sun is bigger than moon, but guru purnima moon appears bigger than sun, have you ever noticed that? for someone who has only seen guru purnima moon sun would remain smaller than moon.... get it!!!!

THINK THINK and keep thinking what instrument kind are you till it leads you onto who am i? i am sure you have to eventually get it either which way it does not really matter, the fun is to enjoy the journey and not be anxious about how far is the destination for on this path it is all about the path? love the end and you fall in love with the path.... i have perhaps been made the kind through whom master plays freshly baked tune cookies each time divine notes dance to his strokes and i love it being this way....... how would you like to be packaged? think think think......

jaigurudev...... neeraj (out of love to serve my master)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wish to organise a Know Your Child Workshop?

I am sure your organisation/school would be keen to organise a 2 hour KYC (Know Your child) session in your school premise. This is an amazing program from the Art of Living organisation which helps parents, family members and teachers find answers to common child rearing dillemmas. The workshop has benefited over a lakh parents worldwide. Program details are appended below. There is a donation payable per participant that helps fund rural/tribal schools run by the NGO.I shall arrange for faculty/timings once you firm up and let me know your interest. Have a nice day!

Neeraj - 9971356663------------------------------------------------
Bringing up a child is a unique experience every parent goes through. Challenges arise in an attempt to discipline and bond with the child simultaneously. A conducive environment is essential for a child’s all-round growth and learning, and for a child, parents are the ones who can do this. As parents, it becomes very important for us to know, how to deal with our children. Children by nature are enthusiastic, joyful, loving, caring, stress free. However, these qualities fade away as they grow up. How do we preserve these qualities in our children??

Poojya Sri Sri Ravishankarji has blessed us with a two hour interactive workshop, the “Know Your Child (KYC) Workshop” for parents, family members and Teachers to help them understand their child better. The workshop has benefited over 1 lakh parents worldwide.

Parents are often found a bit confused about the way their child behaves. They have some complaints like:

a) My child does not listen to me
b) He jumps around and breaks many things
c) She does not eat properly
d) Children are just glued to the TV all the time
e) She asks so many questions
and so many things like this…………

KYC workshop helps parents understand their child’s behavior Patterns and equips parents with the knowledge to handle them better and to enable children to blossom to their fullest potential. It helps them:

a) Understand their children better
b) Know why their child behaves the way they do
c) Take the right step bringing up kids and
d) Spend quality time with their children

Note: The Workshop is open to all (It is NOT necessary to have completed any Art of Living Course)

ever wonder how GURU works!!!

I am sure you have pondered on this thought 'HOW GURU works!' sometimes or other on your spiritual journey.

It struck me yet again late last night and has kept me zapped on the mysterious way even un-natural begins to happen so naturally when you offer a botheration, a query, a need to Guruji. Whether by a simple communion with HIM in your consciousness or via an email that you may have sent his way, a prayer or otherwise.

First of all let me warn you. An attempt to understand something that is so mysterious in nature is an absolute folly. Still if this tricky mind does not rest in peace and wants you to go onto that excursion. You are most welcome to read on.....!

It is extremely dangerous attempting to unravel this mysterious msytery of mystical kinds. How the GURU (a master, tatva, element or principle) works is actually a query that has destroyed its essence by being asked in the 1st place. I know your mind wants me to get to the point quickly, but let me assure you it is rather critical to experience some feelings that may arise in your mind space while you read these words, hence I am forced not to get there right away. Or perhaps there is no right way, rather no destination we have to reach.

I am back to my notepad after couple months, the last time I penned down something was on a train journey from Delhi to Bangalore Ashram for my TTC Phase I in April (an amazing life transforming experience everyone must give a chance). It was actually penned on a paper notepad with a physical ballpoint pen and not on an electronic notepad the one that I am using now by punching on the keys of keyboard. Here is how it goes.....tittled, 'Picture this: GADARIYA - The Shepherd'.....

Ooops, diary I had written it in is no longer traceable at my current location, will need to check at my other hideout sometimes later and insert it here for your reading pleasure. Meanwhile back to the How of Guru works......

Ok I changed my mind and meanwhile have decided not to attempt explaining or digging into how it all may work, rather sharing exactly what happened in my case last night to perhaps give you an insight into how it all would have occured. I suppose that makes you bit more comfortable....hee heee....!!

I have been struggling to find direction my life needs to take. Things had been moving in one direction - fulltime seva for sometime giving me a inner calm that finally it is happening to my eternal desire to stop wasting my life and to serve humanity fulltime, join the ashram, so on so forth. However, the funny thing was after returning back from overseas, I kept applying for jobs nationally, to see what happens at that end. Nothing on that front had been clicking. Now that I was momentarily not able to sustain this fluid dynamic situtation any longer and started feeling the pinch, I decided to finally write to Guruji since numerous previous communications (mental) did not apparently have the outcome, I could understand. May be that is the way HE wants it for me, for thats perhaps what is needed for my consciousness to grow.....

I got up middle of late last night probably shaken by my own hidden unknown pressures. I checked my mobile to actually see if there was infact a missed call from GOD, which I had expressed would be my life dream come true in my email to Divine. Not finding that, started going through my inbox and exploring what to do next. Slowly I started writing to some contacts about my current situation and request to connect me to opportunities they may be aware of. While ultimate goal to devote my life fulltime in seva remains, a friend actually called back and shared that given my rajasic nature, I would need to have good material comforts while doing seva and that once you have the resources you can actually do more seva something which got me thinking and suddenly a gush of energy enveloped me and propelled me to do what happened next. Though deep within I believe can stay without material comforts however am apprehensive if that was right for my family hence seeking alternatives.

A couple interesting emails and life is rolling once again. So much energy unleashed in my being that I feel recharged to meet current life's challenge head on once again. Now the million dollar question how did this all happen between writing to Guruji and now, which is barely 4-6hours ago? Was it the hidden inner guru principle that got awakened from derailing slumber or was it nature's response through GURUJI himself, I wonder and wonder and keep on wondering and my love and devotion for HIM keeps on growing as ever and ever and forever more!!!

Though my quest remains, answer still evasive, movement has begun, water that had started stagnating, is once again rolling, juices flowing, prana back on high, faith re-established on a even higher plane.

I do not know, yet know HE knows that I do not know and have faith that very soon HE would help me discover what I always needed to know!

Mysteriously as ever....Neeraj +91-9971356663

say YES to YES: to get your teen to say YES‏

Dear YES mind
If you are thinking how to
· get your teen to brave through life challenges with a larger than life smile
· help them tap into their inner strength that lies dormant within,
· have clarity of mind and thought process to make right choices of career,
· have ability to discriminate with sharpened intellect,
· have keen perceptive eye for detail while observing the big picture,
· express themselves with zeal and stilled calmness,
· unleash their own potent potential by being themselves,
Then this is the special one for your 13-18teen year vulnerable sweet one
Date/Time: 26th June - 1st July 2008, 4:00 - 7:00pm
Venue: B9/13, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
Contact: 9899817444, 9810252251, 9971356663

GURUdom from land of saints...

Can you be the GURU that you are?

How many times in life did you awaken to your inner reality of a unquenched thirst for a higher power to provide you the instant solution you often seek from that someone?

And by the way who is that someone you are often seeking?

In your absolute stunned numb state when you yearn for the answer your mind desperately searches, your agony, your anguish, your self ordained voidful situation, your pain inflicted moment, from the core of darkest dungeon in hope for a light to shine from somewhere to brighten your dulled dingy environment, what are you waiting for, and whom?

There once was a king who lost his kingdom in attacks from a foreign emperor. He was in complete loss, miserable at his own state and condition of people of the land he was deemed to protect. He decided to build afresh. He called his people to assemble at the altar of his ancestor whom everyone turned to in time of despair. He called upon his sacred religious leads to perform a yagna to please the heavens, to pardon their sins, to forgive and free them from their bad karma. Everyone soaked in the meditative mantra chanting that ensued and continued for over 7 days. Finally as if rising from his inner struggle, the king arose and started walking like an elephant towards his throne. And thus HE Spoke...... we have all reason to be sad, yet I tell you, the happiest moments are times when we resurface from our hidden deep silence, when we arise and agree within to fight back and face life as it comes by, with a smile that stems from heart, with resolve rooted in self confidence, with faith steadfast in the destiny that we create for us. I wish to share my most recent victory in the battle I fought over last few days, I stand here before you all, with my enemy eliminated, my mind duly seated on its throne, while I sit back on mine. There was a sudden sense of deep silence that brought a noticeable awe on those present, they thought the king had been possessed by the evil spirits. They all urged the religious leads and prayed to the ancestral godhead to grant their king the solace they thought he needed and provide him the sense of wisdom they felt was absolutely required in that moment.

The king caught that sense of awe from their eyes and once again rose from his throne and began to gaze from one side to the other. As if moved by his glance they all began to sit down wherever they stood. The chants continued in the background, each one closed their eyes and returned into the deepest silence they had not experienced ever before. They saw their king alighted on large white horse galloping away into the clouds. To everyone's utter astonishment, when they eventually opened their eyes, they could not find the king.

They all raised a huge cry alarmed by what they experienced. The religious leads asked them all to be quiet and rest in peace. They instructed them all to once again be seated in their places, close their eyes and wait for the moment to dawn in each one before they open their eyes. It eventually took years for everyone to come back to a normal situation, however the lesson they learnt that day left an impeccable impression for lifetimes, which now became a part of their consciousness.

Faith in one's inner ability is one thing, relying upon someone whom you have entrusted your life with is another story. Where is the difference in that innate principle and that which reflects from someone's larger than life exhibit? The two stem from same substratum, one has blossomed, the other in its nascent stage, one spreading the fragrance, other sprouting within, one ripe and pleasant other emerging from within. Both are a happening, both are a witness, both are existing, one to guide and lumen your environment, other to make you realize the need for reckoning the existence of that light within. Remember when you are being the guru to your own self, you are drawing from the same substratum, living the same principle, manifesting the same elemental characteristics that connects you to that which you know as your master. HE connects, and creates the longing, the urge, the yearning, the need, HE comes back as a thought wave, flashes across your empty mindscape, provides the solution that lies hidden and untapped within, raises your consciousness, refreshens it with hope, brightening that silver lining, enhancing the hue in your life painting, blowing the dirt out, removing the tiny specs, giving your canvass an enriched look.

Let us all bow to THAT, and be grateful for having HIM in our lives, enriching them and fullfiling them moment to moment for HE IS THAT, THOU ART HIM, THOU ARE THAT.

his divine instrument.......neeraj kohli (

KYC workshop insights - a CHILD of HIS own kind..!!

Having completed KYC TTC and attended 3 workshops (one during TTC 1 and other post KYC TTC), I realised during the most recent one, the subtle beauty of the workshop. And it makes me yet again wonder on the innocent intelligence of our GRAND MASTER ORCHESTRATOR..!!

Entire focus of the workshop is on helping parents/participants to understand how retaining the CHILD in a KID is very important for proper growth and peace of mind. Many questions asked by participants get addressed by understanding provided about how a child views life and how by becoming an integral part of his/her world we become better parents and get them to be part of our lives when we all grow older.

Rest of the questions make participants get an insight on why it is so important to either do an Art Excel or Yes or Yes Plus for their kids and Part I, etc. for themselves. Most importantly when we are able to properly retain the CHILD in a KID they would not need these other courses when they grow up to that age, for they would not gather inappropriate learning's, accumulate harmful habits, garner negative feelings and pent up stress and continue to smile like they always do.

While it is a mind-blowing 2 hours AOL Intro talk, it really has a base in every human being yearning to learn how to effectively deal with their child and therefore meant for all (AOLite/non-AOLite). If you have not been to a KYC workshop yet, you are missing a big lesson GURUJi has smartly embedded in it. Go attend one asap lest you later feel bad of having not taken the opportunity in time.

Good luck and happy understanding mysteries of child rearing!

If you want a KYC workshop organised at your AOL centre, colony, neighborhood, school, RWA, public auditoriums in your locale, or in the basement of your house or in a corporate training hall of your organisation, feel free to write in your requirements to:, if you are anywhere in India., KYC co-ordinator for Delhi, NCR. or call 9971356663 for more insights.

If you have already attended one, do share your experience/insights.
In seva.....Neeraj (a CHILD of HIS own kind...::))....!!!

Can you retain the CHILD in your KID?

Dear Parent, Teacher, Uncle, Aunt or old child,

Moms know bringing up a kid is three jobs rolled into one. Most Dads realise this and attempt to share responsibility as much as their humdrum office lives allow. All a child seeks is a careful attention to pranks, appreciation of the energy body holds and exudes. Despite all our sincere efforts we know there is something more we would like to understand to hone up our kid handling skills.

Use of kid gloves to handle kids is a given however as parents we often find these bundles of love becoming headache generating machines screaming their top off taking our patience through the ceiling. They have learnt a tantrum or two over a period of time. Their intelligence is only to be marvelled at for they know how to get done what they want from each one they deal with at home or outside. Invest 2hours of your time to know exactly what a child needs to be reared without blowing your top. Afterall they deserve an insightful keen loving interaction from us..... come we will help you uncover how to retain the child in a kid.see you all at this beautiful Art of Living - "Know Your Child" Workshop open to all.

Venue: Manoranjan Hall, AIIMS, New Delhi
Date: 29th June 2008, Sunday
Time: 3-5pm (report in by 230 for registrations)
Jaigurudev.......Neeraj Kohli (9971356663)

Wish to become a Minister?

I have heard, seen and felt Guruji many a times and with much more focus and intensity recently that we need a wave of patriotism to be raised throughout the youth (both young and young at hearts) of our country. This is the missing aspect we need to rekindle today. Indian democracy that we live in today is deemed to be the largest in the world. Can it be made even more meaningful, effective and efficient? Yes the answer is a big YES, and the obvious question in the mind is how do we achieve that? How do we get the right youth into the mainstream, to help them be there and help us serve the country better? To inspire oneself to move towards this goal, over next few months (as conveyed by Guruji during his recent trips) and continue on it long long after and others to join in the march towards a disease free, stress free, quiver free, dilemma free, confusion free, healthy, calm, happy state of everlasting blissful being and society.

Are you ready to be the Minister (Mantri) of your own being? It occurred one day while sharing some Guru stories with a friend, that Mantri is but a combination of two words Mann (Mind) and Tri (three states/times). And I was amazed to recognize this beautiful connection between three states of mind, past, present and future is only possible through the present. You see what it means? Now to be in present moment all the time is like being the minister of your own self, being centered, being in charge of your life, your learning's from the past to help you build the vision of your future, and then act in the present to create the destiny you envision for yourself. Do you get it?

Therefore to be a real patriot, you need to have that love for your country and eventually this whole world that guruji often tells belongs to us. And the starting point is your own self. Service does not happen from an empty bowl. So if you are not in charge of your own mind, your own being, your own life, committing to the bigger cause of serving the nation, building the nation and helping to create a peaceful society is a far cry. And we are so lucky, Guruji has given us such simple, profound and more than complete tools to be your own minister. And if you are already that, your responsibility now is to look around and begin the next step, inspire others to be that (which many of us do), think of moving even deeper, and take our country to its next biggest level, which it always enjoyed in past.... sone ki chidiya ko sone ke chidiya ban-ne-se kab tak rok sakoge (how long can you stop the golden bird - as India was known in past times of its global glory, from becoming that)? Have you heard of a Yuvachariya from Chhattisgarh, being made a MLA/councilor from constituency he worked for under YLTP program, by people who benefitted from AOL 5H projects? Stage is set, path carved and lit with divine grace, all we need is to come forward and commit to be the minister that we are and become the one that can serve the society and country even better.......!!!

JAIGURUDEV.......Neeraj (minister of HIS own kind..::))...!!!

Guruji: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder