Friday, February 8, 2008

Wanna be a Cool Yogi dude?

Just hang in there!!!
1. Do you wonder when your body does not listen to your parents cry asking you to get ready for school/college/ work?
2. Do you wonder when your body is all up and bubbly to get into an orphanage to donate some of your time, clothes and pocket money and your mind drags you to a discothèque instead?
3. Do you wonder who all those hunks are like who like to spend time on a Yoga mat and picking yoga clothes at latest hep store in town?
4. Do you wonder how someone could draw you into something so philosophical like Vedic science?
5. Do you wonder how many layers are there to your existent other than body, breathe and mind?
6. Do you wonder how these layers are so out of sync playing their own jargons?
7. Do you recognize the chaos within and fed up of the lethargy and wish to take charge of your chaos?
8. Do you wish to learn the latest orchestration trick to make your 7 layers mesh with each other in a symphony Beethoven imagined but could never create?
9. Do you wait for the pied-piper to lead you through the magical, music of heavens, into your divine fun place?
10. Are you ready for fun, do you want to be at the funniest event of century?

If you have answered yes to any or many of above questions, give yourself a pat, you qualified and are 100% fit to join the gang and get branded as COOL YOGI.....

Come, meet us at Japanese Garden, Rohini, Delhi, be a bonsai, or a bulls eye, be part of madness divine, be the storm that is taking the capital by the spin, wake up and shake off that slumber for the pied-piper arrives to town on 27th Mar 2008 to be with you till 30th March 2008 to make you dance the latest ROCK TAANDAV, helping you align the inner chaos into a amalgamation of flavour musical extravaganza to turn your bow (body) and arrow (mind) into Arjun's eye for the target you wish your life to follow through henceforth!

We at Art of Living foundation crazily await your mushy presence at this rare unique and a life transforming occasion and have some real fun with the funniest master of the century, H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

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