Monday, January 21, 2008

smart seva

I remember way back in 2002, when guruji took me with him to Rishikesh in hiscar, sitting behind him, adorning a rainbow colored turbun gifted by the WaterSamellan event, he had stopped enroute for and black glasses, turns around,"main kaisa lag raha hun???"" guruji bilkul goonda lag rahe ho..

Following 3 weeks in rishikesh swarg ashram, churned me inside out. Came backto Delhi and spent another couple of months staying at Maheshjis 35H, SouthExtension home, turned to little ashram, alongwith Nitin Bhaiya (now RishhiNitya Pragya), Bharat Bhiaya, Prasanna Prabhu, Niranjan Dev, Anil Bahl, AjeyVij, Aruna Didi, doing seva. That time guruji's focus was to conquer delhi thecapital of India. Turn in the politicians and IAS officers, they affect lives ofmillions, if each one is transformed, see how much change it could bring tothose they interact with (least guess 50,000 each every month).

Today charged with the DIVINE PINCH, I thought this TRUTH must be applied forsilverjubilee fund raising and reaching out to people seva as well. Here is what I have done from yesterday: #Called up local ad magazine: little india and bargained for a reciprocal ad in next publication. While going through the magazine found ad of Sakara Eye foundation. Asking for $1000 contribution to get ones name written on eye hospital wall that would be built from the funds generated. Gave me an idea tofulfill HIS VISION, smartly. Balle Balle Sri Sri Ravi Sanakara, you continue to reach me in innumerable ways.
#Called up news paper that carried guruji's latest US visit article. Have gottheir offer to carry our ads, working to finalise the same before getting itreleased.
#Called up Vikas, Ruby and Suresh to share how we could do something similar and increase our reach out to everyone through ads on this mega saga spritualolympic that our krishna is arranging for all.
#Spoke to Ajay, to get guruji's blessing on our ads context.
#all this while driving for a satsang and princton volunteer team meeting at lalithaji's ashram, alongwith this time only my little angel Soumya, Mom priyadecided to carry on with packing for taking off back India on 31st. Not tomention Soumya was very co-operative and attentive to serious planningdiscussions we had with Ruby and Suresh leading the team.
Ruby: tumko main example father ka title dene wali hun, you manage Soumya so well! no no, i just wanted priya to know how I would feel once Soumya is awayfor next month and a half. No Neeraj Suresh never did anything like this (shealmost whispered...::)). Well does my guru not show each one true way to carefor everyone who belongs to us?
#Placed couple of free ads on and inviting everyoneto participate in this event.
#chat with Anju Bhatia from Bangalore to share what I was doing up so late inUS.
#read a response on my experience DIVINE PINCH, which got read out in a satsangin Delhi by Vandana Aadesh, that guruji wants everyone to actually put in 100%and more.... #decided to share my daily progress and experiences here. Guruji says if you have a talent and you do not use it, it is likely to be taken away from you. Sodont wait, PINCH URSELF, SCRATCH upper most portion of your head, pull the250,000th hair right above the left ear, let fresh ideas flow, pick at leastone - ACTION IT NOW. SMART GURU SMART SEWAKS SMART SEVA.... jaigurudev.......

chalo chalo.... jaldi karo time is fleeting time is fleeting time is fleeeeeeeeting... and myheart is beating of the guru melody, by guruji's grace, for GURUJI...........and each one of you out there.

Remember guruji just wants us to reach out to everyone, giving them a chance to take part in this MEGA YAGYA, so that they all get the yag-phal and are notleft wondering why they never knew it before hand that such wonderful opportunity was only a few steps away.....!!! And how much guruji loves one andall......... "main sab ko ek nazar se dekhta hun", he once said closing one eyewith his hand, triggering tons of laughter in a highly serious Teacherrefresher course at Simla. JAIGURUDEV... i remain truly, Guruji's instrument, principle consultant on howto exploit internet to reach out to the masses quickly,,,, stay tuned for DO ITMIKEY story that i intend writing tomorrow....... ******************

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