Sunday, February 14, 2010

Guru True Valentine - from my archives

You belong to me as much as God belongs to you, says Sri Sri in me

Dated especially for: 14th February, 2003

Originally, I wrote this as poetry on 9th for Valentines’ day thinking newspapers would print it but nothing happened. Today while attempting to sing it aloud, yet another miracle took place, words caught fire; became profound and magical, melody flew uninterrupted and poetry kind of evolved into a Symphony!

Guruji I am sure you listened me sing it again and again till my eyes swelled with tears last night. Now on behalf of those who have discovered themselves with your Grace and those who are on their way, I am singing it once again for YOU…

Need I know, need I say?
You are within, music in chime!

Ah that glance into my eyes,
Opens my mind, makes me shine!

Letting me BE, making me LOVED,
Sweetheart mine, tuning me fine!

Drawing me out, tapping me in,
Springs of love, turned divine!

Endless gaze, into the skies,
Deep in my soul, is your shrine!

So-called friends, all gone by now,
Like a prayer you are mine!

Wonders my mind, happy to find,
GURU is my only, true VALENTINE!

Neeraj Kohli

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