Sunday, January 11, 2009

Perspective: beyond the opposites

Opposites values are complimentary. Sounds familiar?

Yes if there was no night, would one ever appreciate a day? If life went on a smooth track all the while, would it be fun at all? What would darkness mean without light? What would deep silence mean if there was no noise around sometimes? What would good mean without a bad? What would high be without a low? What would thin be without a fat to compare with?

Isnt it funny that everything we perceive the way we do, is because there is an exact opposite way it can also be perceived? When life is going on a low ebb, does it not mean it will soon turn into a high one? Well whenever I expereinced a low rough patch in life, it always appeared as a passing phase, soon to be overcome by something nicer, being hatched up while the low ebb lasts. Sometimes it gets really difficult to continue on with this kind of a perspective, but keeping an unmoving faith always paid off in the end. The longer it lasts, the more time next higher one gets to hatch. Have you ever felt same, or been through a similar motion?

Well having seen many lows and some highs, life looks like a sinewave, sometimes, moving from low to high, sometimes, from high back to low. The crests and troughs may be of varying heights or depths, yet it all tends to even out eventually across. Each breath we take in is followed by one we exhale out while life exists (between the first one we inhale, when we arrive on this planet in this form/body, and the last one we exhale, when we drop the body). Some short breaths, some long ones, some feverish, some calm, some loud, some subtle, some agitated, some absolutely smooth. It is so very comparable. A similar pattern, if some scientist were to research, I am sure they would find a correlation. But I would leave it at it for now.

It is kind of strange, that life is the way it is. For when I look at it from one perspective, it is looks good, I make a shift in my view and the perspective turns ugly. Is that really what life is truly about, a bunch of perspectives, bundled together opposites, just complimenting/adding value to each other? I recall what Guruji often shares, that you do not even really believe in your own perception, giving example of sun rising or setting, we call/perceive it that way though we all know sun never rises or sets, it is the rotation of earth about its own axis that makes it appears so.

So where lies the real truth then? Amongst pair of opposites, or beyond those, somewhere in an entirely different dimension, that begins to open up slowly when we learn to ride with each trough and sync deep into each crest as we move across span of life?

Living in the moment, living to the fullest, sinking deep into what life throws at us, welcoming it with open arms, for if its not looking so good on surface, deep within, it actually is cooking a message of brighter tomorrow, so it is worth examining and digging deeper into? Is it therefore really not good at all? When times are running bad and appear to be going downhill even further, I always remember that somewhere close enough, this is all going to take a U-turn, an up-turn and eventually take you towards a peak at least of similar depth, if not more. But is that what we really get to experience when we are in sync with times, taking deep dive into every moment that comes our way, with a heart filled with gratitude, that somewhere in the deep silence of the moment, when despite our crying out loud to the skies, nature is choosing to remain silent for a little longer, then you know even more surely that it is ironing out wrinkles, plucking the weeds, preparing the soil and pumping the ground to bring forth a fresh, more meaningful and supple harvest in near future?

Each time, I felt a need to pray to the master, I always cried out loud in my own deep silence and I know it always reached him. Yet sometimes, out of sheer ignorance, one ended up writing a note demanding some kind of response. Knowing well that the way nature responds is a mystery, but it does respond to your needs, always in the best conceivable manner known or unknown. Still a little glimpse into the future, an indication is sometimes welcome, but if the master chooses to remain silent, know that he now wants you to pick up the threads and make you feel you are making them work for yourself, though he has lined it up all already and has worked harder than ever to straighten it out for you.

In my view it all lies beyond the opposites, somewhere even beyond the perspective we may be aligned with. A truth that sounds so familiar yet unheard of, un-sung yet vibrating with best tune, un-seen yet displaying best known picture on a blanked out canvass. A writeup of a different kind telling a familiar story, yet pulling a very distinct chord somewhere very deep from the inner recesses of my humbled being.............!

May my master be with you as HE chooses to be with me in all my moments, making them memorable, most meaningful portions of my untold lifestory!!!

Aho Niranjana!!!

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Thanx Neeraj.I needed that :)