Monday, January 12, 2009

Mind matters: waiting to unfold‏

Divine has a plan. Always there is a plan working in the background. A big picture not very difficult to visualise for a silent saint. It is creating a kind of deep untouched passionate yearning somewhere inside I cannot reach. Somewhere I wish I could forever be. Somewhere far off in the darkest layer of a thick forest. I wish to fly there and be. In the noisy de-stabilising churning movement of the race one finds oneself sucked in every now and then, where is the space to stand back and stare blankly at the crowds, gaze at stars or enjoy the flow of a river from its bank. Somewhere at the end of the road, somewhere beyond the horizon, beyond the milky way, perhaps leading towards end of universe....

. or beyond!

Looking at whats going around, taking part in the flow of events, being the drop in the waterfall that follows the others with the fall to make it right into the splashy puddle of water body surrounded by rocks below, splurging, rising, simmering with a glitter of sun peircing through, droping back into and finally onwards onto forming another stream ready for another jump, life of a drop that once sat atop a glacier, transformed from ice to snow to itself, from stilled saturated form to distilled liquid carrying the message of love from mountains all the way towards an ocean.....!

In nothingness of everything, in everything that is nothing, there is somewhere always something, hidden to be observed, discovered or touched.

Bramha Naad is one such occasion to leave it all behind for a few days and enjoy the unseen, tune into music of divine love 1000+ sitarist are yearning to play, create inner waves of pure bliss surpassing all high tides an ocean experiences. Come be there for divine always has a plan waiting to unfold.

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