Friday, January 30, 2009

Cross Over

when you cross over to the other side of the bridge you realise the change in perspective has occurred.

a mountain turns back into the original mole hill once you have climbed over and gone past it. actual dimensions of the mountain seem to suddenly shrink from the perceived insurmountable height to something easily achievable. isn't it much true of all problems that become larger than life when times are not going too well? once we face them head on, with faith in the heart and brave through the so called tough patch keeping our chin up and head straight, looking surely into future while feet firmly grounded on the present. we take one step forward with commitment to overcome our own limitations, iron out any kinks and decide to re-write our own destiny, letting the grace of master do its magic, without even once doubting its ability to make us rise and shine to our own created situation and deal effectively with it, making us much stronger and mature in the process. when it dawns on us, we recognise it and move through to the next phase on our existence on the path and i like to call it the CROSS OVER!!!

have you experienced cross over yet? share your experience using the comments area.

i intend writing more on this, come back for a recent experience in a few days......

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