Friday, February 8, 2008

Yoga and Meditation Camp with HH SS RS - book your seats today!

Subtlty is a skill everyone wishes to develop. It brings out dynamism, while you rest in silence. An arrow pulled on bow string, does not look to be directed in reverse is actually geared to take off with a zing in forward. Yoga ensures bow is well oiled, string is tightly tied to both ends. Meditation gives the clarity of target/direction the arrow is to follow. Yoga makes your body healthy, meditation cleanses the mind. Together they make you merge in ultimate peace. Preparing you for a smooth ride through various situations life presents.

Such a powerful combination delivered directly by HIM to numerous gathered to bask in HIS divine nectar makes PDS a very special occasion. When body/mind layers are tuned into big mind, healings (re-alignment of energy) both at the level of body and mind take place in that moment.We are fortunate to have this event scheduled in heart of the country from 27-30th Mar 2008, please book your seat, and inspire others not to miss this rare and wonderful lifetime chance.

Feel free to donate into VVKI APEX BODY NORTH Acc no- 000701017478(ICICI ), intimate donor details and amount for tracking. Jaigurudev!Neeraj 9971356663

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