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Friday, July 13, 2007


Being my first article for this column, word sharing came to mind. What is sharing, what all can be shared, how much can be shared, how much have we shared back in life. Let us examine what nature shares with us. Mountains, earth, seasons, sun, stars, milky way, moon, planets, universe, leaves, branches, trees, forest, rivulets, canals, rivers, lakes, ponds, channels, wells, sea, oceans, vapor, clouds, rains, plains, valleys, green lands, grass, fruit laden trees, fruits, vegetables, cereals, lentils, oil, gas, coal, diamonds, the list is endless, countless, boundless, for like mother, nature never tires of giving what it has to its co-habitants. Winds, the chime, the music of rivers, the texture of wind on water, multiple stars on sun glittered lake, a symphony, an orchestrated amalgamation of abundance, an infinite flow. Look at our mother, she gave us everything we ever needed, our father always provided for us what we required, milk, a back rub, toys, lullaby, a song, a poem, a story, a dream, a vision, an inspiration, an experience, a direction, a bicycle. Our brothers and sisters did the same, a bed, a book, a pen, a writing pad, a notebook, a coke, ice-cream, a bath, a pillow fight, a fight with our enemies, imagination is not needed to complete this list for it comes naturally. Our peers, friends have given us so much, competitive spirit, on open ear, a compassionate heart, a walk in the garden, an excitement over our ideas, a step, a shade, rest, information, ideas, game plans, games, workbooks, work..... Our teachers gave us lectures, valuable morals, guidance, direction, patience, discipline, punctuality, jokes, anecdotes, dramas, algorithm, analogy, approach, planning, strategy, confidence, esteem, skills. Everyone around has given us what they had, and what we needed. While sitting in a puja, a yagna, or a simple religious ritual we learnt to offer back to fire, that which has been bestowed on us. That which we get we learnt to share back as a gesture to mother divine from our rituals. The practices, the prayer taught us to offer gratitude for what we received. There is one thing that I feel we all seem to underestimate, the power of experience. Any experience has an ability to teach. All we need is an open mind tuned in the moment. What does a moment, any moment hold or offer? It is yet another chance to do, redo, undo, or pick what we missed to pick, see what we missed to see, hear what we missed to hear, say what we missed to say, write what we missed to write, share what we missed to share. Sharing is a way to express that what we gathered and carried with us, when the experiences that taught us the same were left way behind in time. Does it weigh, are our leanings heavy, difficult to shoulder or were they embedded in our system without our awareness. Every atom has a similar structure, a neutron within, some protons in middle, electrons on surface. Every atom gave molecules their structure to build them. Every cell is made of atoms, molecules, every human cell carried with it the lesson of creating life, how an ear came up somewhere from a similar looking cell an eye came up, and somewhere the nose, the senses, the inner subtler faculties like mind, intellect, ego,,,,,, All elements from the same cell. Cell that carried the lesson to be what it became, an ear for example and not be what it did not an eye for example, Sharing is nothing but carrying the lesson and passing it on. How much do we value our own experiences, there is a definite lesson in each that we admire, stick with or like to share. There is a sense of belongingness; my own experience taught me this and this, that is normal expression. 1000s, millions, billions of people like you and me out there going through in numerable experience around the globe, not everyone gets reported, not everyone gets shared. Potential each experience whether your, mine or someone else’s holds is same, a lesson to be learnt, a lesson to be shared. Sharing is our nature, sharing is in our code, sharing is a learnt behavior, sharing is the law of nature, can we therefore remain from sharing, can we therefore hold what belongs out there, can we withhold what is not ours in first place. That what we experienced may be unique, but the lesson it taught us was learnt by someone else in another time, in another situation, in another lifetime, in another continent, in another unique environment, over and over again the lessons keep coming to light, to be learnt to be shared. A student is best teacher, when you remain open to receive in every moment, you share back what you have, giving it back what you get is law of nature, you came empty handed you will go back empty handed, the lessons you learn are meant to be shared for that is the law of nature. The more you receive the more your responsibility to share back and following the law, the code for sharing happens, you do not need to make an effort to share, it is our nature.


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