Friday, February 8, 2008

PDS - 8weeks/55days/3300hours/198000secs away

So much excitement in the air, so many teams working like a big orchestra, bringing out divine rhythm, each focussed on their own objective, yet aligned to that one common GOAL. Dhan Dhana Dhan, Dhan Dhana Dhan, Dhan Dhana Dhan karenge Goal. Delhi ke 1st PDS ko banayenge anmol!

Yes there are umpteen reasons to reserve a seat on this train, uncountable ways to take part, this is your Country, this is your capital, YOU got to make it bigger than everywhere else put together.When car population of Delhi can be bigger than sum of all metros put together, this PDS has got to be bigger than any other so far and with YOUR participation, it will be complete.

AOL has become a fashion statement in todays corporate training world. Likewise PDS shall make it a fashion statement of the masses, so roll up your sleeves, forget what AOL you have known of the past, join us and help us make the AOL of our dreams, AOL of future, AOL of masses, AOL of openness, AOL where everyone has unrestricted yet a disciplined access to Guruji's ocean of love.

Come hold hands to make Guruji's vision of adopting 100,000 villages a reality through this one PDS! Let us spread the excitement, get corporate funds for sponsorship, invite donations for this nobel cause, our NGO is the largest in the world today with 97% funds being ploughed back to actual social development work. World bank officials had jumped from their seats when they saw our data on work done in 10000 villages, the kind no other NGO which had taken funds from them, showed in return. All that was done without any external funding, imagine the kind of power we bring into the system by now inspiring corporates to offer funds. How much more can we do, with extra resources. It is only a matter of wonder!

Dont feel shy, do not resist, let your mind no longer hold you back, come flow with us, come be the flute KRISHNA plays..............!!!


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