Saturday, February 9, 2008

Narayan Narayan‏

So whats this instrument going to play tonight?

what music shall you divine devotees savor from heavenly rhythms of my master's style? Ah each day when I sit to write, I close my eyes and pray to my divine master seeking permission to type the keys to reflect the words flowing through my mindscape. thoughts that flow out spontaneously, instantaneously converted into words, sometimes churned faster than thought process, sometimes sooner than speed of visualisation, they appear tick tak tick tak tick tak tick tick on the keyboard!
master who runs my life, is so meticulous, so deep rooted within, that whatever comes out is always a symphony of unique kind. an un-expressed, un-sung tune, an un-written statement of re-defined ultimate truth. Truth being spherical has application in every new moment, in every timezone, in every epoch! he nurtures, he gardens, he weeds, he tenders, he tills, he waters, he shapes, he takes me wee bit closer to destiny he carves through me!
he becomes the devil's advocate and sometimes reminds me to re-write the paradox. to re-write what was written earlier from an 180degree opposite perspective, to reiterate fact that opposites are complimentary, that truth is beyond opposite perspectives, it is not in one shade or the other, it is within and without the combination of two, it is not in duality, it is not in non-duality, it is in the yonder, somewhere inside layers of waves riding the ocean itself, somewhere in between the patterns of thought, somewhere between the sound and silence, somewhere in between the words and spaces, somewhere far away beyond the horizon, yet close enough to fill your heart, blissful stilling moment, stunned by motionless emotional turmoil, shaken by steadfast appearance of glossy sheen radiating from peaceful glimpse of my master's formless formed calm face.
radiate that you hold within for the world needs your peace, radiate that which you are inside, radiate that is your radiation appearing as your master within, radiate for the world deserves to look much better than it appears today, with a calm posture you nullify the agitation of negative elements around, you take responsibility to do this much, HE shall deliver the new world order to you sooner than you can imagine! to be what HE taught us to be is the only way to respect THEE.
offer everything that HE delivered unto you back to this world as an expression of your gratitude, BE great and full!

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