Monday, January 21, 2008

sab PDS ke liye kaam karo...... Sri Sri

"Sab PDS ke liye kaam karo, ek ek se hissab loonga...."
Those who recall Divine Pinch from silver jubilee days, are familiar with HIS ways to inspire, instil and establish that needs to be done, at perfect time in subtlest manner, a skill he continues to teach us through demonstration.
While entering check-in area for boarding his flight to Hyderabad from Delhi on night of 5th Jan 2008, after giving some phenomenal talks at 5 different mega events in 1.5days, looking straight into eyes of each one encircling him, moving along as a big bouquet of flowers tuned into his divine nectar, he thus spoke in honey laden tone, with Index finger (guru) pointing out, thumb (mangal or the warrior) holding the rest in a tight grip, hand moving subtly from one to the next;
"Sab PDS ke liye kaam karo, ek ek se hissab loonga......" with a smile as big as ever, eyes rolling naughtily with a twinkle all around, making each cell permeate with the eminence he attaches to this event, with a distinct detachment of krishna's larger than life play act.
Here is what I understood:
I have always done everything for each one of you and continue to do so. This PDS is also for you, so that the Divya Samaj Nirmaan that DSN volunteers are suppose to help create gets done effortlessly for you today and your kids tomorrow. Mixture is churned, cask laid, mould set, and oven ready at temperature needed to bake. All we need to do now is pick up the jelly filled mould place it in the oven, to turn it into cake. And he waits to come back to check the "Purushaarth" each one puts in so that he can square up our karmas in one go as icing. GRACE, unending, unconditional, unlimited, understatement of the kalyug, as if avatar of kaalki himself is here to give life to what Krishna gave in Gita to Arjuna 5000+ years ago.
Each one get ready for PDS (Pure Dip into the SELF) joy ride.
DRESS CODE for the march to destination CAPITAL PDS:
· attire : smile
· armour : guru faith
· approach : unshakeable attitude
· skill : guru focus
· knowledge : guru gyan
· ability : guru dhyan
· mantra : guru vakyam
· prayer : guru padukam
And join hands yet again to create a historical PDS, after all Capital is the Heart and Soul of a country, what happens here will create multiple unending ripples across the nation and further the cause of Vasudhiav Kutumbakam!!!
I was witness to Pune PDS in Nov 2007, largest so far with his Grace and told Delhi will do better than that. Numerous amazing healing experiences I saw in Pune, shall share later..... Guru’s grace will take you and those you care for to their real HOME, for even oceanic tsunami does not touch children of god, places of worship, those established in TRUTH!
Stay tuned for juicier, fattier, wholesome and heart appealing news in coming days!!!
However, here is sample helping for salivating souls as appetising starters....
HE has been telling us all to read Yoga Vashistha and Gita. I am sure many of us have already done it or are in process, or praying to HIM to grant them courage to make a beginning. While we devotees, are busy imbibing, learning, reading the epochs old scriptures, he is busy to write and release the latest versions of the TRUTH in present day language and form that is easily chewable and digestible.
He provides the ingredients, cuts the vegetables, cooks, turns, saut├ęs, unleashes the flavours, creates the aroma, serves, eats, makes the enzymes available for digestion, digests and makes each one feel fulfilled. He is the doer of all, yet does nothing, one in whom everything arises, everything merges, everything transforms, changes, yet remaining forever unchanged. He is the TRUTH he speaks, writes, teaches, exemplifies, demonstrates, travels...hah....
HE is the only reality, MAHATRUTH of all truths!!!!
Latest sutra unfurled by HIM during his recent visit in various events ( Management of Transformation, Pranayam Centre foundation stone laying ceremony, World Congress of Pshyscology and Spirituality, Rotary Club District Conference on India Rising,.....)
Secularise the Society,
Spiritualise the Politics,
Socialise the business.
JAIGURUDEV aho niranjano!

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