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None Before Never Again

Once upon a time....

7th April 2006

This is story of a unique boy.

...and a unique master, who touched, transformed, tracked and took his life to zenith that the boy always dreamt to reach. (added on 17th April 2006).

10th April 2006

Rather this is about birth of an idea. That took 39years of gestation, simmering, nurturing, germination, before it sprouted to inhale the fresh air from deep underground towards the open skies in search of rays of sun.

39years, yes some ideas rise and die in our heads, some are recognized, voiced, even shared, but never converted to action they promise to hold within, or potential of which is not explored to its ultimate capacity. This one, may have commonality with some others, in that someone else would have also had it and used it to do what I intend doing with it.

The uniqueness however, is in the ground that bore it, the mind that recognized it, the conscience that picked it from deepest layers to bring it out on the surface for others to savor it, be enriched by its beauty, fullness, profound impact that it promises to have on generations to come.

Each year the idea got pushed from one layer to next higher up, sometimes it even got pushed back a few layers down. Eventually on 7th April 2006, it was born when I chose to christen it and bring it to life and also wrote the 1st line above. After that it went into background till it resurfaced today.

"None before... never again" attempts to reveal evolution process, each one undergoes, in a lifetime or across multiple lifetimes. A book may be less to describe 39years of someone's life time; words cannot capture experience with its total dimension. Time however, is mystical in nature that what we experience in a year can be reflected upon in an hour while we sit down on New Years Eve to make a new year wish!

00:32am, 3rd January, 2007

Just realized I had already stepped into another day. 5 months expressed in about 5 pages couple days ago when I resurfaced from my eternal slumber to carry forward the task I entrusted upon myself, with an idea, that seems to have taken longer than it thought it would to turn into a full tree, is still somewhere in the sprouted form, raring to quickly grow up to catch the sunlight shone atop the tallest trees in the jungle of life.

Everything is in me; I am in everything, said lord Krishna to Arjuna while reciting Gita to him some 5000 years ago. Personally affirming and confirming and conferring the supreme knowledge to his devotee, friend, fighter, demonstrating his supreme form upon request. While I was reading it, I was reminded of my nascent experience with my master when undertaking a program some 5 years ago, where during my meditation, I saw my master in physical form moving across my entire body in lieu of each movement of prana shakti (life force) while practicing yoga nidra ( a form of meditation when one is lying down on back, hands away from body, feet little apart from each other, eyes closed, attention on breath and mind focused and moving along with instructions from tip to toe to legs, to hips, to abdomen, to chest to arms, to hands and out….From abdomen to stomach to chest to heart region to throat to between the eyebrows to forehead, to top of head to above and beyond the head) A team of about 24 masters moving in succession one after the other, in one go, I was amazed, I was blessed, I was soaked in the divine love of my master for my being, resting my soul in him. I shared it with my teacher, who expressed wonder and left it at that. In another year from then at the Vishalakshi Mantap during guru poornima, (birthday celebration of rishi vyasa, who was the profounder of Vedas, the supreme knowledge about life which was personally conveyed to Arjuna by Lord Himself), I seated amongst a crowd of 5000 plus disciples, devotees from across the globe under my masters direct supervision and instructions for performing the Bhastrika Pranayam, I had a vision of my master manifesting through everyone, I saw him all around me, the vision for my mind was hair raising, yet each moment of it soaked every atom of each cell into a inexpressible sensation, not a tingling vibration, nor a wind blowing through the pores, nor a fragrance of the pious kind, nor a flickering of the light, yet a continuum of luminous shining bright faces, looking alike, putting each bit of me to divine rest, subtly drawing me into deep silence of unspoken syllables, from being to merging to dissolving into the sublime void of breathless moment, captured in time, released unto space in space, devoid of any impurity, pure like white sheet of freshly woven white cloth, unending expanse, a rising tornado of blue, purple, white, pink streaked airy bubbles, moving in exquisite unison yet circular and rising from the nether to the ceiling of the lotus shaped meditation hall…………An experience I thought I would never share with anyone, yet it came back to me so pure and manifested while reading about what is conveyed in the scriptures.

Determination that the steps that are led by him for his sake unto himself through his plans, taking through you, making happen what happens, makes your feet more balanced on the sandy grounds, firmed up, restrained, established, sunk in, situated right where they were destined to be, steadfast into unshakeable, calm, poised, serene, solidified conscience, like the silence of starlit night sky, unto space, from space, through space, towards space, merged, frozen, cemented, grounded, rocked in, mounted, silenced, without another word………….. unmoved, unfazed, fixated, only thought, only vision, only void, only resting abode, only ocean, only breeze, only fire, only ether, only liquid, only earth, only body, only breath, only mind, only memory, only intellect, only ego, only the supreme witness, the super hero, the superlative, the super form, the formless, the indescribable, beyond truth, beyond all this, this yet not this, that and more than that, exclusive yet all inclusive, wondrous amazement, ponderous blankness, white spot in the blackboard, sun of universe, coolness of the moon, greenery of the vegetation, juiciness of fruits, fattiness of fats, unexplained unending existence of same, similar, original, only that which exists in reality, rest all being words, expressions, variants, models, manifestations, petals, blossoms, leaves, branches, twigs, buds, bark, trunk, stem, roots, seeds, saps, code, encodes, mystified, mysteriously hidden, opulently transparent, latent, potent, proponent, demystified truth told time and again yet remaining untold.

Another hour gone by… and beginning of page 101, time for some rest now!

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