Monday, January 21, 2008

divine pinch


His recent gift on xmas was a pinch on my left upper arm right above the elbow. "Tum seva kar rahe ho?" Ji guruji. "Nahin silver jubilee ke liye aur karo." Left me wondering.

This was his 3rd visit this year ever since I came to US and he continues to reach out to each one of us in his own way. So far I could not devote much time towards seva activities since we were blessed with a little princess last month. I thought planning to donate part of my salary, making travel arrangement to be in Bangalore for the event, getting Mikey to talk with my manager for a corporate course possibility were sufficient initiatives. Gurus' pinch triggered fresh ideas, initiatives and avenues to explore for seva.

Here is what happened so far:
.Forwarded softcopy of tribune article .1000 gather for Guru. to contacts.
.Called up aolite Bangalore friend, got fund raising material for India, sentit out to my contacts there.
.Called Ruby/Suresh/Kishore to get involved in doing fund raising in NewJersey.
.Priya and little angel Soumya accompanied me yesterday evening for our firstfund raising calls. Others thought I was bit out of mind carrying a new born incold for seva. In my heart I know how I wanted them to be with me initially sothat little twinkle in Soumya's eyes played guruji's magic on the people wewere approaching for ads. and that way laxmiji blessed our efforts too. .Spoke with Suresh and a none-AOL contact to utilize extra time (3-4hrs everyday) at hand from my regular fulltime job in doing any kind of job whichprovides additional sum. Needless to mention this amount would be donated forsilver jubilee. Need everyone's help to find one quickly preferably within AOLfamily.

Guruji knows our abilities are really much more than we think, and through hisdivine pinch he continues to push us like a father his son, so that we do notget stuck in small mind and go beyond our comfort zone to do more. After allnature, like the ocean never keeps a drop that you put in, always returns it inthe form of rain, snow, sunshine, in-numerable blessings that keep flowingcourtesy HIS DIVINE grace. So what are we waiting for?

Suresh told me guruji is happy at NJ's progress so far. Wonder if that isenough. We certainly are capable of much more. Are 1991 NJ yahoo group memberswaiting for divine pinch to join the Silver jubilee group of 31? If so, I am more than willing to continue being his instrument, to shake each one out of small mindedness - let us not get STUCK with the IDEA that we havedone enough or are approaching same set of people for doing more. And who do wethink is doing whatever is happening? It is part of divine plan, his will, hisaction, which has never gone un-accomplished. So if someone thinks he/she is done enough, think again, divine has no limits,the guru in you is waiting to pinch you out of this idea.

Special thanks to Vikas for providing me esatsang address to share my recent experience with bigger family. And sharing what to focus on this week per guruji's direction. Jaigurdev!

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