Monday, January 21, 2008

been there done that - let go

yesterday was one hectic day, driving upto washington press club with filiz, meeting george, who took us around the 3 different types of rooms that they provide for press conferences.

zenger is the smallest kind, one look and i knew it was not enough. seats 40people looks good, but small. Filiz felt very much the same. Holeman much bigger, brightly lit apropriate for a decent gathering. Ballroom the largest, may be too big for the short duration we have in mind to get this going. availability - 17th, tuesday 2006, 8am to 11am.

ooops, what to do - to book or not to book, filiz carefully takes all details from george, asking the room to be put on hold while we go back and confirm few arrangements.

we left back for her place. picked up her lovely daughters from school enroute, got something from a local store. while waiting for her to return, had a quick coversation with little angels perched up like very sweet kids in back seats of my car. so you must be the naughty one i said to the younger one, yes-- hmm so how do i know.. do u have friends in school in her class, a grin, im sure she has a few who keep feeding her about your naughtiness from your class. yes i do know a few... ok so you hv met guruji, YES and the twinkle in their eyes said the rest...

back home, a quick lunch, the media directory arrived, went through the women's conference coffee table book, remembering all the familiar faces, i have had an opportunity to work with in past.... each one divine.

we started eating and calling up everyone for making sure we do a good job and get the right people to be present for the event. do you think it is too early.. no we are late. ok even i was thinking so, what do u suggest, let us book it for 17th, it is a good day... hmmm
do u like some tea.... sure.. while baking some stuff for kids, this is going to be your future too.... ah..

dr diana was so helpful and excited when we told her about the event and all ready to come over all the way from newyork to share her experience with media. neeraj call the PR Web and make sure you ask them these few questions..ok sure i will, goodluck for your docs appointment!
Jeff said he is ok with the arrangement and we should ensure we do our best. John called later in the evening when i was about to leave, saying how many people he thought would come and filiz said, we are putting in our 100% and we are not the doers so rest is upto guruji.. hmm but we want you there, come what may! OK

travelled back to my brothers place in annapolis and while listening to amrutava, i suddenly broke down into a pool of tears, do not know what was happening, but it was so profuse that i felt i was missing him too much and longing was on its peak so far.

i called back this morning to check plan for today and filiz announced, she had call with ajay and guruji and he felt we better do this after the event, when everyone would know more about us.
the press release is to be released though know we have a few more days to do that... filiz - neeraj you are not going to like all this.. but at least it got us all working no it is ok, afterall he knows better than any of us!

wonder if it was working to make a press conference happen or a dress rehearsal for something bigger to come in future!

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