Friday, April 23, 2010

from my archives PDS - march 2008

While practising short sudarshan kriya this morning, following idea sprouted in consciousness with HIS blessings:

* What we sow, so do we reap, is a well known idiom
* Ever wondered when you sow a seed, mother nature returns back many?
o Observe act of planting a mango seed: nature returns so many mangoes
* All it means is that we are sitting atop a mound of abundance, a secret we must know!
o Whether we sow or not, mother nature anyways continues to provide
o What you sow shall come back to you multifold directly or indirectly
* This is karma dharma, this is nature dharma, this is mother of all dharmas
o Guru kripa is all inclusive, unconditional, mahadharma, much beyond known and unknown infinity

So let us

* dip in HIS divine grace, SoHUM SoHUM!
* shake our body, shake shake!
* adorn that fashionable smile, gee hee!
* what sevas can you render today, PDS, Advance Course, Sahaj or you choose?
* act out one that you can achieve now without external dependencies (KAIZEN)
* JUST DO IT baby, right away, before the tricky mind shakes your inspiration away!!!

OFFER PLANNING, EXECUTION AND RESULTS to DIVINE & feel my MASTER's Presence in everything you do!

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