Thursday, February 11, 2010

A peep into Shiva's 3D studio

Ever wonder what the Shiva element is all about!!!

It was worth the reflection I undertook, surprised by my own observations, intuitive ability accentuated by Saawan must be responsible for what I discovered.

An internal peep into my deepest core, indicates some very intriguing aspects of nature of our inner finer subtle infinite being. I have often times heard, that this entire universe is filled with but one element, the Shiva tattva. All layers of existence are Shiva's various forms, numerous chemical permutations and combinations a chemical engineer may like to state. Everything we see, perceive, feel, intuitively infer, touch or get an insight into is nothing but that.

Given that everything is Shiva, how does it operate sitting so close deep within on its own other layers, yet at a distinctly distant distance!!!

Being an IT professional I call the master supreme's operation desk as a 3D studio, in which all 3 aspects of our growth are happily juggled across in time and space. So what is this 3D all about? As it occurred during meditative introspective revelation, it is 3 sharp tools rolled into one Trishul (Shiva's weapon), each one meant for specific purpose.

1st D for destruction,
2nd D for deployment and,
3rd D for development enabled through 1st & 2nd.

For an old aspect (eg habit) to be upgraded, master architect sitting in studio, uses the destroyer, dislodging it completely from its base. Then deployer is activated into subtle action to establish a new habit in its place. The 3rd most critical tool, developer ensures the quality process that the destruction and deployment is from an older to a newer better version and is initiated at the most appropriate time.

Through regular meditative pose the master ensures each tool on the weapon are performing to their highest potential in service of human evolution, the moony coolness on forehead keeps the heat generated through the destroyer under balance, snake around the neck helps keep the quality controller aspect alert and active all the time auditing its efficacy to ensure any remnants of old dislodged aspects are not brought back into upgraded aspect, helping with a smooth transition. Being close to heart snake with the auditor's eye is invoked by the master during silent gap between lub and dub of the beats.

Sitting away, Nandi the bull, is watching, as if the master has transferred its witnessing ability there to ensure no interference of any sort into the whole 3D studio processing and outputs. And perhaps a constant self appraisal and appreciation of its own outcome for its own sake. A self fulfilling, self sufficient factory environment making the evolution happen across multiple waves seen as humans arising out of the ocean itself.

Wow what an amazing intricate yet simple mechanism of beginning and endless play for its own sake, of its own resources, by its own toolset. Most important aspect being the breathe, which as mentioned in Guruji's booklet on Time, indicates each inhalation and exhalation represents trillions of years each. Exhalation to manifest and establish a whole new creation taking it to peak evolution through 3D studio, and inhalation representing period of rest and massive retrieval, rechurning of resources as if in a large cement mixer, to bring out an entirely fresh mortar, that will form basis of new world order in following exhalation.

A look at one transaction wrt an old habit getting replaced with a better one, complete modus operandi can be understood. Get it?

Jaigurudev..... Guru Bhakt..... (master's devotee)

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