Monday, January 12, 2009

music of life - dance with divine

Everything around is in a sort of dance.
Like snakes intertwined in opposite direction, DNA moves in a helix structure.
Blood moves through the arteries and veins pumped up to the lub-dub of beating heart.
Sensations transmit electrical charge across neurons, carrying messages to and fro from senses to brain via central nervous system.
Breath carrying energy and toxins moves in and out of the lungs, rejuvenating the body.
Humans like bubbles floating atop a wavy ocean, dance up and down to the tune of love.
Butterflies swarm the flowers in an attempt to suck divine nectar.
Planets move around the sun, moon moves around the earth.
Milky way moves in a spiral inside a galaxy, the universe has so many stars spinning around their axis.
Synchronised vibration of all pores making each cell pulsate to divine charge, gives rise to once in a million lifetime happening.
(21st Nov, 6pm, Sector 32, Noida) is a rare opportunity to witness anything close to the music of life.
Dance to the tune of divine.
Join Siddarth's bandwagon, creating ripples of joy, awareness and a mini history of numerous satsangs in a row.....
Be part of the last lap of next few mega evening rocks @Great India Place (14th, FRI), Shipra Mall (15th, SAT), Shoprix Mall (16th, SUN)
Flavor one guitar, few strings and imagine what 1000+ sitarist would do to our environment....!!!

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