Saturday, October 4, 2008

navratra special: mirror mirror on the wall, meet the biggest healer of all

sitting at head of dinning table, rishi nityapragyaji during this year's independence weekend DSN trip in noida shared some jewels from our masters' knowledge mound. those who were around him would reminsce with the lingering memory of those rare moments, others may resolve to enjoy his rare company wherever they get an opportunity.

someone at the table said, hey this should be captured and brought out, someone else from media team stated, rishiji we are writing a story on your visit and shall include it there. i also looked around with a intrigued expression, i got it, i got it, will write it out soon as if committing to those who have been reading my stories in past. it has taken almost a month and a half for this day to arrive, when i get the inspiration to finally write it out. i had decided on the subject long ago, originally tittled, mirror mirror on the wall, who is farest one of them all? however when i began to write this, it read what it reads now...... for reasons even i am not aware of, perhaps what gets written next holds the secret of it all.....

life is a package being delivered at our door step every moment through some messenger or other, it is really upon us to receive the courier, gratefully sign off the acceptance, open and unfold the mystery it holds within. whatever happens around has a message for us, hidden and waiting to be discovered. it all depends upon how tuned we are with the moment. being 100% gives us the ability to decode the message hidden in the message.

guruji in his last trip during CFO conference at Delhi said something very beautiful. every religion, culture and country has some sounds that mean the same. rishis recognised this. when we want someone to keep quiet and be silent, we all say...... sheeeeeeeeeeee, sheeeeeeeeeee, sheeeeeeeeeeeeeee. and when someone is very happy and wishes to express the same, we say wow, wah, wooooooow, waaaaaaaaaaaaa. i was amazed how guruji connected the two and simplified meaning of SHIVA for audience. when we close our eyes in deep silence a deeper bliss arises from within putting us in touch with the Sheeeeeee......Waaaaaaah.......(SHIVA) that we all are inside.

being in tune with our inner Shiva, gives us the greatest ability to heal or correct or resolve the unresolute, fix that appears beyond repair, create a miracle that only seems unshakeable faith can bring forth. people, situations, events, happenings around us are all like mirror mirror on the wall that we need to only use as a reflector to find our own image, what does it all mean for me, keeping on this side of the perspective while looking through the glassworld, is the only way to grow, only way to leverage the inner Shiva element, attribute, whatever, well... actually its the infinite inexpressible expression which i just miserably attempted to express.

are you in touch with your inner beauty, your inner shiva, your inner ability, your inner healer, the biggest of them all???? yes? no?

either ways, navratri pujas are an opporunity to cleanse our inner mirror and get face to face with the real us hidden deep inside, rush to your nearest puja center (adhyatam sadhana kendra in NCR Delhi, international ashram in Bangaluru, etc) and get a swish wash, by the end of it all, i tell you would be sparkling bright, carrying a glow your neighbors would envy with greened out faces............

divine divine on the wall, who is this servant of all.....???