Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wish to organise a Know Your Child Workshop?

I am sure your organisation/school would be keen to organise a 2 hour KYC (Know Your child) session in your school premise. This is an amazing program from the Art of Living organisation which helps parents, family members and teachers find answers to common child rearing dillemmas. The workshop has benefited over a lakh parents worldwide. Program details are appended below. There is a donation payable per participant that helps fund rural/tribal schools run by the NGO.I shall arrange for faculty/timings once you firm up and let me know your interest. Have a nice day!

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Bringing up a child is a unique experience every parent goes through. Challenges arise in an attempt to discipline and bond with the child simultaneously. A conducive environment is essential for a child’s all-round growth and learning, and for a child, parents are the ones who can do this. As parents, it becomes very important for us to know, how to deal with our children. Children by nature are enthusiastic, joyful, loving, caring, stress free. However, these qualities fade away as they grow up. How do we preserve these qualities in our children??

Poojya Sri Sri Ravishankarji has blessed us with a two hour interactive workshop, the “Know Your Child (KYC) Workshop” for parents, family members and Teachers to help them understand their child better. The workshop has benefited over 1 lakh parents worldwide.

Parents are often found a bit confused about the way their child behaves. They have some complaints like:

a) My child does not listen to me
b) He jumps around and breaks many things
c) She does not eat properly
d) Children are just glued to the TV all the time
e) She asks so many questions
and so many things like this…………

KYC workshop helps parents understand their child’s behavior Patterns and equips parents with the knowledge to handle them better and to enable children to blossom to their fullest potential. It helps them:

a) Understand their children better
b) Know why their child behaves the way they do
c) Take the right step bringing up kids and
d) Spend quality time with their children

Note: The Workshop is open to all (It is NOT necessary to have completed any Art of Living Course)

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