Friday, July 25, 2008

from what kind are you to who am i !!!

in a room full of musical instruments gathered by an enlightened master, there are a few who love strokes of his delicate skillful fingers on the strings to let divine notes turn into unique fresh celestial symphony. then there are others who enjoy his soft touch, yet the tune that emerges is a known rythym. still few others when played on by him yield a kind of concotion, a cut from this one and a paste onto the other, like the present day remixes, noise ridden transcendental encapsulated relaunched old song with a new throttle....

when i began using talent gifted by divine for a nobel cause of spreading guru's gyan, i was perhaps of the remix kind (my own mingled with some others), slowly i graduated to different level where i began to reproduce something i had heard seen or read in my own words, yet essence would remain, different packaging, old known stuff. while this was happening a few glimpses of absolutely fresh thoughts, ideas & creations gave me a sense of boosted ego, that made me re-read my own creation over and over again, till i got over the initial ecstasy of having brought it out in first place. many a times genuine readers returned with compliments humbling me down a bit for i never thought it could, the way it impacted and inspired them. this in turn fuelled my inspiration and kept me going.

some instances took my ego to another level. like seeing creations blindly copied and reproduced by unknown or still worse known people with my name removed from the original piece. thankfully most of the piece remained intact in the plagerised reproduction. i even thought how can one implement a copyright law in all welcoming open spiritual realm. anyways everything that is to be said has already been said sometime or other in one form or other in a way understood by people in line with the times by someone or other. like it is known that mahabharata is there in the cosmic consciousness and there has been some sort of research to pick out the sounds of those times, since energy can only be transformed and never destroyed.

it initially hurt my ego and made me write back to some, asking them to take care and retain the name of the originator while forwarding a borrowed text that inspired them and they liked.. eventually when i realised, whose stuff is it anyways, who is the real author behind what is being written and for whose benefit, while the author may feel readers would greatly benefit the true beneficiary is perhaps himself. like any life experience, through anyone providing it, is only acting as a postman. it is really that the message is meant for you so you get to receive it, be thankful for that and not blame the messenger even if it is an apparently bad one, for eventually it would destroy an ugly part of you (eg a bad habit or an altered vision) and reestablish you with a fresh perspective. eventually i began to witness and bemused at the cut-paste culture in the cyberised "I" Tech spiritual field....

fact that everything is happening in self for self by self for fun and playfulness of self brings you out of the muddy ego spot your head gets stuck into while you see someone else smartly (actually foolishly, for real smartness is difficult to catch) reproducing your origination. so to keep your own mind at peace, you may choose to give them a piece of your mind without loosing your peace or choose to view it all as his divine fun plan at his own cost for the instruments through the instruments which are none other than his own extensions....get it!!!! or may get trapped into the even more foolish desire to revisit and reestablish the copyright law...

ok you do not get it, never mind, attempt this one:
moon goes around the earth? yes
earth goes around its own axis? yes
moon goes around it own axis? perhaps yes
earth goes around sun? yes
moon goes around sun? yes
sun goes around its own axis? yes
sun goes around in the milky way? perhaps yes
sun never sets or rises? hmm..... well.... yes... no.... dont really know any longer???
such is the nature of perception!!!
wonder who is going around whom? it is dependent upon who is seeing and from where what is being viewed is being viewed? so perspective can change the view, so is it the perspective or the beholder that is more powerful? even if it is seems to be the perspective, it belongs to beholder holding it anycase? get it?

technically sun is bigger than moon, but guru purnima moon appears bigger than sun, have you ever noticed that? for someone who has only seen guru purnima moon sun would remain smaller than moon.... get it!!!!

THINK THINK and keep thinking what instrument kind are you till it leads you onto who am i? i am sure you have to eventually get it either which way it does not really matter, the fun is to enjoy the journey and not be anxious about how far is the destination for on this path it is all about the path? love the end and you fall in love with the path.... i have perhaps been made the kind through whom master plays freshly baked tune cookies each time divine notes dance to his strokes and i love it being this way....... how would you like to be packaged? think think think......

jaigurudev...... neeraj (out of love to serve my master)

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