Sunday, July 6, 2008

ever wonder how GURU works!!!

I am sure you have pondered on this thought 'HOW GURU works!' sometimes or other on your spiritual journey.

It struck me yet again late last night and has kept me zapped on the mysterious way even un-natural begins to happen so naturally when you offer a botheration, a query, a need to Guruji. Whether by a simple communion with HIM in your consciousness or via an email that you may have sent his way, a prayer or otherwise.

First of all let me warn you. An attempt to understand something that is so mysterious in nature is an absolute folly. Still if this tricky mind does not rest in peace and wants you to go onto that excursion. You are most welcome to read on.....!

It is extremely dangerous attempting to unravel this mysterious msytery of mystical kinds. How the GURU (a master, tatva, element or principle) works is actually a query that has destroyed its essence by being asked in the 1st place. I know your mind wants me to get to the point quickly, but let me assure you it is rather critical to experience some feelings that may arise in your mind space while you read these words, hence I am forced not to get there right away. Or perhaps there is no right way, rather no destination we have to reach.

I am back to my notepad after couple months, the last time I penned down something was on a train journey from Delhi to Bangalore Ashram for my TTC Phase I in April (an amazing life transforming experience everyone must give a chance). It was actually penned on a paper notepad with a physical ballpoint pen and not on an electronic notepad the one that I am using now by punching on the keys of keyboard. Here is how it goes.....tittled, 'Picture this: GADARIYA - The Shepherd'.....

Ooops, diary I had written it in is no longer traceable at my current location, will need to check at my other hideout sometimes later and insert it here for your reading pleasure. Meanwhile back to the How of Guru works......

Ok I changed my mind and meanwhile have decided not to attempt explaining or digging into how it all may work, rather sharing exactly what happened in my case last night to perhaps give you an insight into how it all would have occured. I suppose that makes you bit more comfortable....hee heee....!!

I have been struggling to find direction my life needs to take. Things had been moving in one direction - fulltime seva for sometime giving me a inner calm that finally it is happening to my eternal desire to stop wasting my life and to serve humanity fulltime, join the ashram, so on so forth. However, the funny thing was after returning back from overseas, I kept applying for jobs nationally, to see what happens at that end. Nothing on that front had been clicking. Now that I was momentarily not able to sustain this fluid dynamic situtation any longer and started feeling the pinch, I decided to finally write to Guruji since numerous previous communications (mental) did not apparently have the outcome, I could understand. May be that is the way HE wants it for me, for thats perhaps what is needed for my consciousness to grow.....

I got up middle of late last night probably shaken by my own hidden unknown pressures. I checked my mobile to actually see if there was infact a missed call from GOD, which I had expressed would be my life dream come true in my email to Divine. Not finding that, started going through my inbox and exploring what to do next. Slowly I started writing to some contacts about my current situation and request to connect me to opportunities they may be aware of. While ultimate goal to devote my life fulltime in seva remains, a friend actually called back and shared that given my rajasic nature, I would need to have good material comforts while doing seva and that once you have the resources you can actually do more seva something which got me thinking and suddenly a gush of energy enveloped me and propelled me to do what happened next. Though deep within I believe can stay without material comforts however am apprehensive if that was right for my family hence seeking alternatives.

A couple interesting emails and life is rolling once again. So much energy unleashed in my being that I feel recharged to meet current life's challenge head on once again. Now the million dollar question how did this all happen between writing to Guruji and now, which is barely 4-6hours ago? Was it the hidden inner guru principle that got awakened from derailing slumber or was it nature's response through GURUJI himself, I wonder and wonder and keep on wondering and my love and devotion for HIM keeps on growing as ever and ever and forever more!!!

Though my quest remains, answer still evasive, movement has begun, water that had started stagnating, is once again rolling, juices flowing, prana back on high, faith re-established on a even higher plane.

I do not know, yet know HE knows that I do not know and have faith that very soon HE would help me discover what I always needed to know!

Mysteriously as ever....Neeraj +91-9971356663

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