Friday, February 8, 2008

permanency of impermanency‏

everything changes, says my master, skin, blood, brain cells, etc keep changing to replace the old with new. similarly labels change, roles change, organisations change, decision makers change, decisions change, old clothes are replaced with new, old order is replaced with new, old schemes loose their newness and get replaced with newer.

whole world is transitory, everything that one can see with the eye is subject to change, something that is born eventually withers away, flowers blossom and wither, humans are born and one day drop the body, friends change, relatives change, alignments change, political scenario changes, parties change, government changes..... the list is unending.....

remain aligned to one that observes all changes, is permanent reference point to refer what changed, and you shall never loose permanance of such impermanancy. feeling that someone made a change to favor oneself, misused his/her power, is only temporary for they would one day realise it too, that mother nature is always watching to balance that goes out of balance, to obliterate the dark forces with its light, for their is none other than the true master, who is form of the formless, in whom everything occurs, HE is the one in whom everything is happening, HE is the happening, HE is the event, HE is the change, HE is the permanence of impermanence.

offer all your efforts, services, prayers, feelings, illfeelings, hurt feelings, rubbings by those who do not seem to like you, who think they know better than your master, forgive them, forget their ignorance. Your master will ensure growth continues to happen on the path, HE always knows your best interest and keeps it in whatever happens. in seva remember everything goes to HIM, act with HIS awareness in all that happens and let your smile always shine! and HE also says if someone slaps one cheek, make sure he/she is not able to slap on the other, give it back in a nice way, one strong one with a bright smile, without loosing your inner calm/peace! any organisation is but a reflection of society....... give feedback honestly gracefully while receiving it gratefully!

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