Friday, February 8, 2008

Criticism usually comes from those who do not work

while you move around acting on your intense feelings, expressing love through seva that you choose to deliver unto HIM, remember there would be many critics, many who attempt to become roadblock, many who would be there to de-motivate you, to pull you down for they do not know one should align oneself with someone through whom guru's grace flows freely, to overcome feelings of jealousy, and become part of their bliss.

many would dissuade you from doing what you are good at, knowingly or unknowlingly they would setup obstacles, pulling and pushing you away from your goal. remember these signals are there to strengthen you from within, to reinforce your resolve to continue to serve HIM selflessly. HE is the path, he is the goal, he is the act, he is the feeling, he is the critism, he is the one who works, he is the one who helps you rise above any occasion, he is event, he is the lesson you missed to take. HE is the one in you that you long to be, he is the one you belong to, he is the who is the means to the end, he is the one for whom you do what gets done through you, he is the one your prayer reaches out to, he is the one who always listens to your heart, wipes your tears, broadens your smile, expands your consciousness when low, he is the one who carries you in his arms when you cannot walk, he is the one who holds your little finger when like a child you are unable to cross any road of life.

My master is the best, he is my world, my inner peace, puts my soul to rest!

Come solidify your being in HIS presence this March
Mahasatsang 27th Mar 2008 630pm onwards,
PDS 28-30th Mar 2008 (6-8am, 630-830pm)
Venue: Japanese Garden, Rohini, New Delhi

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