Saturday, February 9, 2008

Narayan Narayan‏

So whats this instrument going to play tonight?

what music shall you divine devotees savor from heavenly rhythms of my master's style? Ah each day when I sit to write, I close my eyes and pray to my divine master seeking permission to type the keys to reflect the words flowing through my mindscape. thoughts that flow out spontaneously, instantaneously converted into words, sometimes churned faster than thought process, sometimes sooner than speed of visualisation, they appear tick tak tick tak tick tak tick tick on the keyboard!
master who runs my life, is so meticulous, so deep rooted within, that whatever comes out is always a symphony of unique kind. an un-expressed, un-sung tune, an un-written statement of re-defined ultimate truth. Truth being spherical has application in every new moment, in every timezone, in every epoch! he nurtures, he gardens, he weeds, he tenders, he tills, he waters, he shapes, he takes me wee bit closer to destiny he carves through me!
he becomes the devil's advocate and sometimes reminds me to re-write the paradox. to re-write what was written earlier from an 180degree opposite perspective, to reiterate fact that opposites are complimentary, that truth is beyond opposite perspectives, it is not in one shade or the other, it is within and without the combination of two, it is not in duality, it is not in non-duality, it is in the yonder, somewhere inside layers of waves riding the ocean itself, somewhere in between the patterns of thought, somewhere between the sound and silence, somewhere in between the words and spaces, somewhere far away beyond the horizon, yet close enough to fill your heart, blissful stilling moment, stunned by motionless emotional turmoil, shaken by steadfast appearance of glossy sheen radiating from peaceful glimpse of my master's formless formed calm face.
radiate that you hold within for the world needs your peace, radiate that which you are inside, radiate that is your radiation appearing as your master within, radiate for the world deserves to look much better than it appears today, with a calm posture you nullify the agitation of negative elements around, you take responsibility to do this much, HE shall deliver the new world order to you sooner than you can imagine! to be what HE taught us to be is the only way to respect THEE.
offer everything that HE delivered unto you back to this world as an expression of your gratitude, BE great and full!

Friday, February 8, 2008


Friday, July 13, 2007


Being my first article for this column, word sharing came to mind. What is sharing, what all can be shared, how much can be shared, how much have we shared back in life. Let us examine what nature shares with us. Mountains, earth, seasons, sun, stars, milky way, moon, planets, universe, leaves, branches, trees, forest, rivulets, canals, rivers, lakes, ponds, channels, wells, sea, oceans, vapor, clouds, rains, plains, valleys, green lands, grass, fruit laden trees, fruits, vegetables, cereals, lentils, oil, gas, coal, diamonds, the list is endless, countless, boundless, for like mother, nature never tires of giving what it has to its co-habitants. Winds, the chime, the music of rivers, the texture of wind on water, multiple stars on sun glittered lake, a symphony, an orchestrated amalgamation of abundance, an infinite flow. Look at our mother, she gave us everything we ever needed, our father always provided for us what we required, milk, a back rub, toys, lullaby, a song, a poem, a story, a dream, a vision, an inspiration, an experience, a direction, a bicycle. Our brothers and sisters did the same, a bed, a book, a pen, a writing pad, a notebook, a coke, ice-cream, a bath, a pillow fight, a fight with our enemies, imagination is not needed to complete this list for it comes naturally. Our peers, friends have given us so much, competitive spirit, on open ear, a compassionate heart, a walk in the garden, an excitement over our ideas, a step, a shade, rest, information, ideas, game plans, games, workbooks, work..... Our teachers gave us lectures, valuable morals, guidance, direction, patience, discipline, punctuality, jokes, anecdotes, dramas, algorithm, analogy, approach, planning, strategy, confidence, esteem, skills. Everyone around has given us what they had, and what we needed. While sitting in a puja, a yagna, or a simple religious ritual we learnt to offer back to fire, that which has been bestowed on us. That which we get we learnt to share back as a gesture to mother divine from our rituals. The practices, the prayer taught us to offer gratitude for what we received. There is one thing that I feel we all seem to underestimate, the power of experience. Any experience has an ability to teach. All we need is an open mind tuned in the moment. What does a moment, any moment hold or offer? It is yet another chance to do, redo, undo, or pick what we missed to pick, see what we missed to see, hear what we missed to hear, say what we missed to say, write what we missed to write, share what we missed to share. Sharing is a way to express that what we gathered and carried with us, when the experiences that taught us the same were left way behind in time. Does it weigh, are our leanings heavy, difficult to shoulder or were they embedded in our system without our awareness. Every atom has a similar structure, a neutron within, some protons in middle, electrons on surface. Every atom gave molecules their structure to build them. Every cell is made of atoms, molecules, every human cell carried with it the lesson of creating life, how an ear came up somewhere from a similar looking cell an eye came up, and somewhere the nose, the senses, the inner subtler faculties like mind, intellect, ego,,,,,, All elements from the same cell. Cell that carried the lesson to be what it became, an ear for example and not be what it did not an eye for example, Sharing is nothing but carrying the lesson and passing it on. How much do we value our own experiences, there is a definite lesson in each that we admire, stick with or like to share. There is a sense of belongingness; my own experience taught me this and this, that is normal expression. 1000s, millions, billions of people like you and me out there going through in numerable experience around the globe, not everyone gets reported, not everyone gets shared. Potential each experience whether your, mine or someone else’s holds is same, a lesson to be learnt, a lesson to be shared. Sharing is our nature, sharing is in our code, sharing is a learnt behavior, sharing is the law of nature, can we therefore remain from sharing, can we therefore hold what belongs out there, can we withhold what is not ours in first place. That what we experienced may be unique, but the lesson it taught us was learnt by someone else in another time, in another situation, in another lifetime, in another continent, in another unique environment, over and over again the lessons keep coming to light, to be learnt to be shared. A student is best teacher, when you remain open to receive in every moment, you share back what you have, giving it back what you get is law of nature, you came empty handed you will go back empty handed, the lessons you learn are meant to be shared for that is the law of nature. The more you receive the more your responsibility to share back and following the law, the code for sharing happens, you do not need to make an effort to share, it is our nature.


PDS - 8weeks/55days/3300hours/198000secs away

So much excitement in the air, so many teams working like a big orchestra, bringing out divine rhythm, each focussed on their own objective, yet aligned to that one common GOAL. Dhan Dhana Dhan, Dhan Dhana Dhan, Dhan Dhana Dhan karenge Goal. Delhi ke 1st PDS ko banayenge anmol!

Yes there are umpteen reasons to reserve a seat on this train, uncountable ways to take part, this is your Country, this is your capital, YOU got to make it bigger than everywhere else put together.When car population of Delhi can be bigger than sum of all metros put together, this PDS has got to be bigger than any other so far and with YOUR participation, it will be complete.

AOL has become a fashion statement in todays corporate training world. Likewise PDS shall make it a fashion statement of the masses, so roll up your sleeves, forget what AOL you have known of the past, join us and help us make the AOL of our dreams, AOL of future, AOL of masses, AOL of openness, AOL where everyone has unrestricted yet a disciplined access to Guruji's ocean of love.

Come hold hands to make Guruji's vision of adopting 100,000 villages a reality through this one PDS! Let us spread the excitement, get corporate funds for sponsorship, invite donations for this nobel cause, our NGO is the largest in the world today with 97% funds being ploughed back to actual social development work. World bank officials had jumped from their seats when they saw our data on work done in 10000 villages, the kind no other NGO which had taken funds from them, showed in return. All that was done without any external funding, imagine the kind of power we bring into the system by now inspiring corporates to offer funds. How much more can we do, with extra resources. It is only a matter of wonder!

Dont feel shy, do not resist, let your mind no longer hold you back, come flow with us, come be the flute KRISHNA plays..............!!!


Yoga and Meditation Camp with HH SS RS - book your seats today!

Subtlty is a skill everyone wishes to develop. It brings out dynamism, while you rest in silence. An arrow pulled on bow string, does not look to be directed in reverse is actually geared to take off with a zing in forward. Yoga ensures bow is well oiled, string is tightly tied to both ends. Meditation gives the clarity of target/direction the arrow is to follow. Yoga makes your body healthy, meditation cleanses the mind. Together they make you merge in ultimate peace. Preparing you for a smooth ride through various situations life presents.

Such a powerful combination delivered directly by HIM to numerous gathered to bask in HIS divine nectar makes PDS a very special occasion. When body/mind layers are tuned into big mind, healings (re-alignment of energy) both at the level of body and mind take place in that moment.We are fortunate to have this event scheduled in heart of the country from 27-30th Mar 2008, please book your seat, and inspire others not to miss this rare and wonderful lifetime chance.

Feel free to donate into VVKI APEX BODY NORTH Acc no- 000701017478(ICICI ), intimate donor details and amount for tracking. Jaigurudev!Neeraj 9971356663

Wanna be a Cool Yogi dude?

Just hang in there!!!
1. Do you wonder when your body does not listen to your parents cry asking you to get ready for school/college/ work?
2. Do you wonder when your body is all up and bubbly to get into an orphanage to donate some of your time, clothes and pocket money and your mind drags you to a discothèque instead?
3. Do you wonder who all those hunks are like who like to spend time on a Yoga mat and picking yoga clothes at latest hep store in town?
4. Do you wonder how someone could draw you into something so philosophical like Vedic science?
5. Do you wonder how many layers are there to your existent other than body, breathe and mind?
6. Do you wonder how these layers are so out of sync playing their own jargons?
7. Do you recognize the chaos within and fed up of the lethargy and wish to take charge of your chaos?
8. Do you wish to learn the latest orchestration trick to make your 7 layers mesh with each other in a symphony Beethoven imagined but could never create?
9. Do you wait for the pied-piper to lead you through the magical, music of heavens, into your divine fun place?
10. Are you ready for fun, do you want to be at the funniest event of century?

If you have answered yes to any or many of above questions, give yourself a pat, you qualified and are 100% fit to join the gang and get branded as COOL YOGI.....

Come, meet us at Japanese Garden, Rohini, Delhi, be a bonsai, or a bulls eye, be part of madness divine, be the storm that is taking the capital by the spin, wake up and shake off that slumber for the pied-piper arrives to town on 27th Mar 2008 to be with you till 30th March 2008 to make you dance the latest ROCK TAANDAV, helping you align the inner chaos into a amalgamation of flavour musical extravaganza to turn your bow (body) and arrow (mind) into Arjun's eye for the target you wish your life to follow through henceforth!

We at Art of Living foundation crazily await your mushy presence at this rare unique and a life transforming occasion and have some real fun with the funniest master of the century, H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

permanency of impermanency‏

everything changes, says my master, skin, blood, brain cells, etc keep changing to replace the old with new. similarly labels change, roles change, organisations change, decision makers change, decisions change, old clothes are replaced with new, old order is replaced with new, old schemes loose their newness and get replaced with newer.

whole world is transitory, everything that one can see with the eye is subject to change, something that is born eventually withers away, flowers blossom and wither, humans are born and one day drop the body, friends change, relatives change, alignments change, political scenario changes, parties change, government changes..... the list is unending.....

remain aligned to one that observes all changes, is permanent reference point to refer what changed, and you shall never loose permanance of such impermanancy. feeling that someone made a change to favor oneself, misused his/her power, is only temporary for they would one day realise it too, that mother nature is always watching to balance that goes out of balance, to obliterate the dark forces with its light, for their is none other than the true master, who is form of the formless, in whom everything occurs, HE is the one in whom everything is happening, HE is the happening, HE is the event, HE is the change, HE is the permanence of impermanence.

offer all your efforts, services, prayers, feelings, illfeelings, hurt feelings, rubbings by those who do not seem to like you, who think they know better than your master, forgive them, forget their ignorance. Your master will ensure growth continues to happen on the path, HE always knows your best interest and keeps it in whatever happens. in seva remember everything goes to HIM, act with HIS awareness in all that happens and let your smile always shine! and HE also says if someone slaps one cheek, make sure he/she is not able to slap on the other, give it back in a nice way, one strong one with a bright smile, without loosing your inner calm/peace! any organisation is but a reflection of society....... give feedback honestly gracefully while receiving it gratefully!

PDS flow: KITE FLYING competition with Poojya Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji‏

While Pranayam (Yoga) strengthens your body (bow) and Dhayan (meditation) sharpens your mind(arrow) making the two aligned to achieve any target you set your eyes on, an intriguing kite flying competition also takes place in HIS august presence!

"Guru tatva ko mann ki baat samaj main aa jati hai, hum kab special hoyenge, yeh chodo, aaj tum special ho yeh jaan lo!" (Master element is aware of your mind state, it knows your mind longs to be the special one who is close to the master, forget this thought and be aware that you are special).

Most of us are aware that state of mind impacts breathing pattern. If happy, breath is calm and unnoticed. If agitated, you breath heavily. The traffic is not one way. Guruji discovered this during 10 days silence post which he gave universe "Sudarshan Kriya". If we count back from 10 to 1 slowly when you are angry, you find yourself becoming calm, you actually end up breathing slower while you count.

Our mind is a kite always eager to fly with or without the winds. Make breath the thread to keep it in control. Mann jitey so jag jitey (one who wins his/her own mind, wins the world), so this March be with His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji (GURUJI) and enjoy a subtle KITE FLYING, join the competition and see how many win their worlds.

Feel inspired? Act on this feeling now to complete it and book your pass!
Dates: 27th Mar 2008, Mahasatsang, PDS 28-30th Mar 2008 (6-8am, 630-830pm)
Venue: Japanese Garden, Rohini, New Delhi

In HIS service....Neeraj 9971356663 JAIGURUDEV!

Criticism usually comes from those who do not work

while you move around acting on your intense feelings, expressing love through seva that you choose to deliver unto HIM, remember there would be many critics, many who attempt to become roadblock, many who would be there to de-motivate you, to pull you down for they do not know one should align oneself with someone through whom guru's grace flows freely, to overcome feelings of jealousy, and become part of their bliss.

many would dissuade you from doing what you are good at, knowingly or unknowlingly they would setup obstacles, pulling and pushing you away from your goal. remember these signals are there to strengthen you from within, to reinforce your resolve to continue to serve HIM selflessly. HE is the path, he is the goal, he is the act, he is the feeling, he is the critism, he is the one who works, he is the one who helps you rise above any occasion, he is event, he is the lesson you missed to take. HE is the one in you that you long to be, he is the one you belong to, he is the who is the means to the end, he is the one for whom you do what gets done through you, he is the one your prayer reaches out to, he is the one who always listens to your heart, wipes your tears, broadens your smile, expands your consciousness when low, he is the one who carries you in his arms when you cannot walk, he is the one who holds your little finger when like a child you are unable to cross any road of life.

My master is the best, he is my world, my inner peace, puts my soul to rest!

Come solidify your being in HIS presence this March
Mahasatsang 27th Mar 2008 630pm onwards,
PDS 28-30th Mar 2008 (6-8am, 630-830pm)
Venue: Japanese Garden, Rohini, New Delhi

Book your berth on Rajdhani PDS x-PRESS today! In HIS service .....Neeraj 9971356663

Monday, February 4, 2008

Perfection in Action

seeking perfection in a action is illusory, every action has something good and something not so good as the outcome. For example you are that soldier on the field fighting enemy, if you do not shoot you get killed, if you shoot, you are shooting another human life... so stop worrying about outcome of your action, just keep doing 100% what you are capable of delivering and leave rest to divine, do it with awareness in the wakeful state that you all are! Have you noticed when you open a tap full throttle all the muck around the base just gets washed away with the flow, so just open your flood gates of energy, and let others just get washed with you, you become the centre of tornado and before you know the whole town would be circling along doing the thing you are focussing ON......