Monday, January 21, 2008

united we stand divided we fall

hinduism is about being all embracing, that is why you find over 33crore divine names, infact if each one has his own god, it would make up for a unique world. prayer is of the heart, very unique to each one of us.. it does not matter who you bow ur head to, it all goes to that ONE..
sri sri has shown how simply is it attainable by practising what his seva warriors, epitome of peace and love have to share with the world...

unity is required where there is the other, in advaita, there is none other, it is all ONE, so question of getting together to fight a cause does not even arise... we have been like that and sometimes forget that arjuna in each one, does take charge every now and then to shake us out of our own dillemmas, it just needs a krishna to awaken us to our own destiny.... your views about hindu uniting to form a spritual council is wonderful, that has always been the case, our scriptures always talk about these sabhas(councils) working behind the scenes to keep this worldly affairs moving!

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