Monday, January 21, 2008

flute that krishna played

Dear Divine Devotee,

You are in my heart, like I am in yours. meetings to discuss and finalize plans for upcoming PDS are underway. there are some who may not be able to directly take part in planning and execution, therefore would like to keep everyone abrest of developments so that we all begin to eat, drink, walk, talk, sleep, think, imagine, and let the PDS become a part of our awareness till we reach the day it actually happens, let us all put in our best focus and energy to make it and take it to the level it awaits to reach through each one of us. let the chaos begin, the taandav enacted...

NCR has had many mega events so far, there are many more underway and everyone is working towards one common goal, like HIS instrument, transcending all layers of existence to connect, dip and merge directly into the SELF and beyond. You know we all carry the small mind with us for it is apparently very light in weight, it costs nothing, is available freely, is very proactive, is there to become the devil's advocate without charging an apparent fee, for it gives ideas that short circuit our journey to freedom, lets us be in touch with all our insignificant layers and veils the real self, the big mind so craftly.

But what worth it really is? Just dig in and you will discover, it is a cause of misery, it is the one that is driving us away from reality, turning our focus to small little doubts, jealousy, cravings, comparison, fame, doership, etc and not letting us remain in constant companionship with the big mind which looks at the vast skies, giving me an idea of who am i. sets me free, tells me i am infinity, i have no limits, i am beyond critisism of small minds, i am not a role, not a label, not even a reciever of credit for what happens, beyond all these and much more, that cannot be defined, explained, censored, refined, captured, held back, described, therefore understood, i am the presence larger than life, action without act, love without condition, peace without pleasure, pure, sat chit ananda, that and beyond, i am not someone's idea of a rule, form, not what small minds think i am, not that can be withheld but by my ownself, not another's opinion, nor fame, neither infamy, not another's way of doing things, not even these words, i carve my own road, yet respect others ways, opinion, views, ideas, rules, definitions, imagination, have compassion large enough to encompass the universe, inclusive view of a big team working together building a better tomorrow for one and all.

R U here?
i do not know anything, yet i know THAT, aware yet open to recieve every moment, alert yet lost in my guruji's blissful self, here yet not here, far from HIM longing to be with him physically all the time, yet one with him, his presence with me beyond time, see him through all instruments skillfully arranged in the biggest orchestra that HE has evolved over such a short period of time, he is the melody that i am tuned into every moment, he is the love that flows through me endlessly, love that touches, bridges, nurtures, cares, shares, uplifts, raises, irons out, enlivens, makes one go crazy, that trendy fashion statement of corporate professional or whoever, who lost his small mind in numerous, foolish attempts, to merge in big one..

i am there to let the air that he blows into this flute be blown out loud and clear like a lovely soul stirring music somewhere described in the sama veda, somewhere concocted by numerous magicians of music world, perhaps notes of beethoven's playful piano, for sure the intertwined string intoxicated rhythm of guruji's veena!mast ho jao, kiyun ki WOH sab kar rahe hain, dekh rahe hain!You are the flute that krishna played, guruji my krishnalike HE is the one getting the spiritual masters of the world together, is there a need to connect all devotee, volunteer, teacher divine souls?? who belong to each other through the big mind, yet sometimes may get caught up in the small mind, who have done so much and have the ability to do much more, who are intense, yet wish to become more sensitive, who are grown up, yet love to grow more, who are significantly selflessly immersed in letting the tasks done by him through them happen, yet sometimes feel stuck in the pride of doing it, nobody, yet connected to everybody out there who is tirelessly, selflessly putting in his/her best foot forward in this march, it is all his play anyway, so why take it too seriously

R U READY FOR Pure Divine Dip into SELF!
may guru's grace always keep me humble JAIGURUDEV aho niranjano!!

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