Saturday, October 4, 2008

navratra special: mirror mirror on the wall, meet the biggest healer of all

sitting at head of dinning table, rishi nityapragyaji during this year's independence weekend DSN trip in noida shared some jewels from our masters' knowledge mound. those who were around him would reminsce with the lingering memory of those rare moments, others may resolve to enjoy his rare company wherever they get an opportunity.

someone at the table said, hey this should be captured and brought out, someone else from media team stated, rishiji we are writing a story on your visit and shall include it there. i also looked around with a intrigued expression, i got it, i got it, will write it out soon as if committing to those who have been reading my stories in past. it has taken almost a month and a half for this day to arrive, when i get the inspiration to finally write it out. i had decided on the subject long ago, originally tittled, mirror mirror on the wall, who is farest one of them all? however when i began to write this, it read what it reads now...... for reasons even i am not aware of, perhaps what gets written next holds the secret of it all.....

life is a package being delivered at our door step every moment through some messenger or other, it is really upon us to receive the courier, gratefully sign off the acceptance, open and unfold the mystery it holds within. whatever happens around has a message for us, hidden and waiting to be discovered. it all depends upon how tuned we are with the moment. being 100% gives us the ability to decode the message hidden in the message.

guruji in his last trip during CFO conference at Delhi said something very beautiful. every religion, culture and country has some sounds that mean the same. rishis recognised this. when we want someone to keep quiet and be silent, we all say...... sheeeeeeeeeeee, sheeeeeeeeeee, sheeeeeeeeeeeeeee. and when someone is very happy and wishes to express the same, we say wow, wah, wooooooow, waaaaaaaaaaaaa. i was amazed how guruji connected the two and simplified meaning of SHIVA for audience. when we close our eyes in deep silence a deeper bliss arises from within putting us in touch with the Sheeeeeee......Waaaaaaah.......(SHIVA) that we all are inside.

being in tune with our inner Shiva, gives us the greatest ability to heal or correct or resolve the unresolute, fix that appears beyond repair, create a miracle that only seems unshakeable faith can bring forth. people, situations, events, happenings around us are all like mirror mirror on the wall that we need to only use as a reflector to find our own image, what does it all mean for me, keeping on this side of the perspective while looking through the glassworld, is the only way to grow, only way to leverage the inner Shiva element, attribute, whatever, well... actually its the infinite inexpressible expression which i just miserably attempted to express.

are you in touch with your inner beauty, your inner shiva, your inner ability, your inner healer, the biggest of them all???? yes? no?

either ways, navratri pujas are an opporunity to cleanse our inner mirror and get face to face with the real us hidden deep inside, rush to your nearest puja center (adhyatam sadhana kendra in NCR Delhi, international ashram in Bangaluru, etc) and get a swish wash, by the end of it all, i tell you would be sparkling bright, carrying a glow your neighbors would envy with greened out faces............

divine divine on the wall, who is this servant of all.....???

Saturday, August 2, 2008

magnet or a tornado:Guess who arrives this independence day to set u free?

Company of saints is prescribed as easiest way to transform oneself by way of association. What we find difficult to learn even by reading and practising over and over again, simply makes a lasting impression in our psyche when we see it being done by a saintly soul we come in touch with.

One such bead from Guruji's necklace of pearls is arriving once again in Noida this independence week to give us all, who know him already, and those who have only heard about him, or those who have never had a chance to meet him a big life transforming adventure. Guess who is this magnetic and tornado potent personaility? Smile broader than any I have seen other than Guruji's, longing deeper than oceans, love higher than mountains oozing like the ever overflowing oceans.

Yes you perhaps guessed it rightly. I am talking about our beloved Rishi Nitya Pragyaji. I have known him since his past life when he was better known as Nitin Bhaiya. With Guruji's grace have had chance to be with him, do seva alongwith him and learn amazing skills that can only be transfered through association, I do not think I was capable of learning any of that any which way.

Here is your chance, grab this lifetime opportunity, who has seen tomorrow, register for the Noida, DSN, get to be in his mesmerising love touched ocean deep eyes full of devotion for the master and take a dip in his amazing flow of knowledge, a chemical engineers perspective to making our society divine.

I am sure no one wants to miss such a chance. C U THERE!!!

Call me at 9971356663 for more info... JAIGURUDEV ....Neeraj

Avataar: The birth of divinity

Ever wonder how divinity takes birth on earth?

Was watching Jai Shri Krishna a while ago, when this question arose in hollow and empty mindspace. I decided to sit down after the TV serial ends to attempt answering this query. Guruji says some questions when answered loose their value, hence should be left unquenched. But some must be shared with everyone.

I strongly feel thoughts that flashed through my mind need to be written down and put across. I can see, these have the power to purify, the dulled mind. Whenever we are highly pained by some bad habit, devilish nature, born out of Kansa (the EGO) and are not able to find a way to get rid of it, we end up surrendering to the divine, hands folded in prayerfulness. We cry our heart out with longing for the divine to show us the way and relieve us of the pain of our suffering and deliver us from our own bad karma.

Tears well up into a prayer, like flowers from ocean of infinite peace (Vishnu Shakti) lying dormant within, rise high and mighty to give birth to a wave of unsurpassable energy. An emotion, with a passion stronger than stongest die-hard habit, ready to dislodge its head, like Krishna took birth in the dark night to be-head Kansa.

Have you ever noticed how effective and universal this process is? And Guruji says it so very often, when you will get sick of your habit, it would leave you. The process of anything going overboard indicates its end has arrived. Therefore when a bad habit, situation, event, time appears to be going beyond its limit, know that its end has arrived. And time of a new Avataar has begun.

Do you get it?

Friday, July 25, 2008

from what kind are you to who am i !!!

in a room full of musical instruments gathered by an enlightened master, there are a few who love strokes of his delicate skillful fingers on the strings to let divine notes turn into unique fresh celestial symphony. then there are others who enjoy his soft touch, yet the tune that emerges is a known rythym. still few others when played on by him yield a kind of concotion, a cut from this one and a paste onto the other, like the present day remixes, noise ridden transcendental encapsulated relaunched old song with a new throttle....

when i began using talent gifted by divine for a nobel cause of spreading guru's gyan, i was perhaps of the remix kind (my own mingled with some others), slowly i graduated to different level where i began to reproduce something i had heard seen or read in my own words, yet essence would remain, different packaging, old known stuff. while this was happening a few glimpses of absolutely fresh thoughts, ideas & creations gave me a sense of boosted ego, that made me re-read my own creation over and over again, till i got over the initial ecstasy of having brought it out in first place. many a times genuine readers returned with compliments humbling me down a bit for i never thought it could, the way it impacted and inspired them. this in turn fuelled my inspiration and kept me going.

some instances took my ego to another level. like seeing creations blindly copied and reproduced by unknown or still worse known people with my name removed from the original piece. thankfully most of the piece remained intact in the plagerised reproduction. i even thought how can one implement a copyright law in all welcoming open spiritual realm. anyways everything that is to be said has already been said sometime or other in one form or other in a way understood by people in line with the times by someone or other. like it is known that mahabharata is there in the cosmic consciousness and there has been some sort of research to pick out the sounds of those times, since energy can only be transformed and never destroyed.

it initially hurt my ego and made me write back to some, asking them to take care and retain the name of the originator while forwarding a borrowed text that inspired them and they liked.. eventually when i realised, whose stuff is it anyways, who is the real author behind what is being written and for whose benefit, while the author may feel readers would greatly benefit the true beneficiary is perhaps himself. like any life experience, through anyone providing it, is only acting as a postman. it is really that the message is meant for you so you get to receive it, be thankful for that and not blame the messenger even if it is an apparently bad one, for eventually it would destroy an ugly part of you (eg a bad habit or an altered vision) and reestablish you with a fresh perspective. eventually i began to witness and bemused at the cut-paste culture in the cyberised "I" Tech spiritual field....

fact that everything is happening in self for self by self for fun and playfulness of self brings you out of the muddy ego spot your head gets stuck into while you see someone else smartly (actually foolishly, for real smartness is difficult to catch) reproducing your origination. so to keep your own mind at peace, you may choose to give them a piece of your mind without loosing your peace or choose to view it all as his divine fun plan at his own cost for the instruments through the instruments which are none other than his own extensions....get it!!!! or may get trapped into the even more foolish desire to revisit and reestablish the copyright law...

ok you do not get it, never mind, attempt this one:
moon goes around the earth? yes
earth goes around its own axis? yes
moon goes around it own axis? perhaps yes
earth goes around sun? yes
moon goes around sun? yes
sun goes around its own axis? yes
sun goes around in the milky way? perhaps yes
sun never sets or rises? hmm..... well.... yes... no.... dont really know any longer???
such is the nature of perception!!!
wonder who is going around whom? it is dependent upon who is seeing and from where what is being viewed is being viewed? so perspective can change the view, so is it the perspective or the beholder that is more powerful? even if it is seems to be the perspective, it belongs to beholder holding it anycase? get it?

technically sun is bigger than moon, but guru purnima moon appears bigger than sun, have you ever noticed that? for someone who has only seen guru purnima moon sun would remain smaller than moon.... get it!!!!

THINK THINK and keep thinking what instrument kind are you till it leads you onto who am i? i am sure you have to eventually get it either which way it does not really matter, the fun is to enjoy the journey and not be anxious about how far is the destination for on this path it is all about the path? love the end and you fall in love with the path.... i have perhaps been made the kind through whom master plays freshly baked tune cookies each time divine notes dance to his strokes and i love it being this way....... how would you like to be packaged? think think think......

jaigurudev...... neeraj (out of love to serve my master)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wish to organise a Know Your Child Workshop?

I am sure your organisation/school would be keen to organise a 2 hour KYC (Know Your child) session in your school premise. This is an amazing program from the Art of Living organisation which helps parents, family members and teachers find answers to common child rearing dillemmas. The workshop has benefited over a lakh parents worldwide. Program details are appended below. There is a donation payable per participant that helps fund rural/tribal schools run by the NGO.I shall arrange for faculty/timings once you firm up and let me know your interest. Have a nice day!

Neeraj - 9971356663------------------------------------------------
Bringing up a child is a unique experience every parent goes through. Challenges arise in an attempt to discipline and bond with the child simultaneously. A conducive environment is essential for a child’s all-round growth and learning, and for a child, parents are the ones who can do this. As parents, it becomes very important for us to know, how to deal with our children. Children by nature are enthusiastic, joyful, loving, caring, stress free. However, these qualities fade away as they grow up. How do we preserve these qualities in our children??

Poojya Sri Sri Ravishankarji has blessed us with a two hour interactive workshop, the “Know Your Child (KYC) Workshop” for parents, family members and Teachers to help them understand their child better. The workshop has benefited over 1 lakh parents worldwide.

Parents are often found a bit confused about the way their child behaves. They have some complaints like:

a) My child does not listen to me
b) He jumps around and breaks many things
c) She does not eat properly
d) Children are just glued to the TV all the time
e) She asks so many questions
and so many things like this…………

KYC workshop helps parents understand their child’s behavior Patterns and equips parents with the knowledge to handle them better and to enable children to blossom to their fullest potential. It helps them:

a) Understand their children better
b) Know why their child behaves the way they do
c) Take the right step bringing up kids and
d) Spend quality time with their children

Note: The Workshop is open to all (It is NOT necessary to have completed any Art of Living Course)

ever wonder how GURU works!!!

I am sure you have pondered on this thought 'HOW GURU works!' sometimes or other on your spiritual journey.

It struck me yet again late last night and has kept me zapped on the mysterious way even un-natural begins to happen so naturally when you offer a botheration, a query, a need to Guruji. Whether by a simple communion with HIM in your consciousness or via an email that you may have sent his way, a prayer or otherwise.

First of all let me warn you. An attempt to understand something that is so mysterious in nature is an absolute folly. Still if this tricky mind does not rest in peace and wants you to go onto that excursion. You are most welcome to read on.....!

It is extremely dangerous attempting to unravel this mysterious msytery of mystical kinds. How the GURU (a master, tatva, element or principle) works is actually a query that has destroyed its essence by being asked in the 1st place. I know your mind wants me to get to the point quickly, but let me assure you it is rather critical to experience some feelings that may arise in your mind space while you read these words, hence I am forced not to get there right away. Or perhaps there is no right way, rather no destination we have to reach.

I am back to my notepad after couple months, the last time I penned down something was on a train journey from Delhi to Bangalore Ashram for my TTC Phase I in April (an amazing life transforming experience everyone must give a chance). It was actually penned on a paper notepad with a physical ballpoint pen and not on an electronic notepad the one that I am using now by punching on the keys of keyboard. Here is how it goes.....tittled, 'Picture this: GADARIYA - The Shepherd'.....

Ooops, diary I had written it in is no longer traceable at my current location, will need to check at my other hideout sometimes later and insert it here for your reading pleasure. Meanwhile back to the How of Guru works......

Ok I changed my mind and meanwhile have decided not to attempt explaining or digging into how it all may work, rather sharing exactly what happened in my case last night to perhaps give you an insight into how it all would have occured. I suppose that makes you bit more comfortable....hee heee....!!

I have been struggling to find direction my life needs to take. Things had been moving in one direction - fulltime seva for sometime giving me a inner calm that finally it is happening to my eternal desire to stop wasting my life and to serve humanity fulltime, join the ashram, so on so forth. However, the funny thing was after returning back from overseas, I kept applying for jobs nationally, to see what happens at that end. Nothing on that front had been clicking. Now that I was momentarily not able to sustain this fluid dynamic situtation any longer and started feeling the pinch, I decided to finally write to Guruji since numerous previous communications (mental) did not apparently have the outcome, I could understand. May be that is the way HE wants it for me, for thats perhaps what is needed for my consciousness to grow.....

I got up middle of late last night probably shaken by my own hidden unknown pressures. I checked my mobile to actually see if there was infact a missed call from GOD, which I had expressed would be my life dream come true in my email to Divine. Not finding that, started going through my inbox and exploring what to do next. Slowly I started writing to some contacts about my current situation and request to connect me to opportunities they may be aware of. While ultimate goal to devote my life fulltime in seva remains, a friend actually called back and shared that given my rajasic nature, I would need to have good material comforts while doing seva and that once you have the resources you can actually do more seva something which got me thinking and suddenly a gush of energy enveloped me and propelled me to do what happened next. Though deep within I believe can stay without material comforts however am apprehensive if that was right for my family hence seeking alternatives.

A couple interesting emails and life is rolling once again. So much energy unleashed in my being that I feel recharged to meet current life's challenge head on once again. Now the million dollar question how did this all happen between writing to Guruji and now, which is barely 4-6hours ago? Was it the hidden inner guru principle that got awakened from derailing slumber or was it nature's response through GURUJI himself, I wonder and wonder and keep on wondering and my love and devotion for HIM keeps on growing as ever and ever and forever more!!!

Though my quest remains, answer still evasive, movement has begun, water that had started stagnating, is once again rolling, juices flowing, prana back on high, faith re-established on a even higher plane.

I do not know, yet know HE knows that I do not know and have faith that very soon HE would help me discover what I always needed to know!

Mysteriously as ever....Neeraj +91-9971356663

say YES to YES: to get your teen to say YES‏

Dear YES mind
If you are thinking how to
· get your teen to brave through life challenges with a larger than life smile
· help them tap into their inner strength that lies dormant within,
· have clarity of mind and thought process to make right choices of career,
· have ability to discriminate with sharpened intellect,
· have keen perceptive eye for detail while observing the big picture,
· express themselves with zeal and stilled calmness,
· unleash their own potent potential by being themselves,
Then this is the special one for your 13-18teen year vulnerable sweet one
Date/Time: 26th June - 1st July 2008, 4:00 - 7:00pm
Venue: B9/13, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
Contact: 9899817444, 9810252251, 9971356663

GURUdom from land of saints...

Can you be the GURU that you are?

How many times in life did you awaken to your inner reality of a unquenched thirst for a higher power to provide you the instant solution you often seek from that someone?

And by the way who is that someone you are often seeking?

In your absolute stunned numb state when you yearn for the answer your mind desperately searches, your agony, your anguish, your self ordained voidful situation, your pain inflicted moment, from the core of darkest dungeon in hope for a light to shine from somewhere to brighten your dulled dingy environment, what are you waiting for, and whom?

There once was a king who lost his kingdom in attacks from a foreign emperor. He was in complete loss, miserable at his own state and condition of people of the land he was deemed to protect. He decided to build afresh. He called his people to assemble at the altar of his ancestor whom everyone turned to in time of despair. He called upon his sacred religious leads to perform a yagna to please the heavens, to pardon their sins, to forgive and free them from their bad karma. Everyone soaked in the meditative mantra chanting that ensued and continued for over 7 days. Finally as if rising from his inner struggle, the king arose and started walking like an elephant towards his throne. And thus HE Spoke...... we have all reason to be sad, yet I tell you, the happiest moments are times when we resurface from our hidden deep silence, when we arise and agree within to fight back and face life as it comes by, with a smile that stems from heart, with resolve rooted in self confidence, with faith steadfast in the destiny that we create for us. I wish to share my most recent victory in the battle I fought over last few days, I stand here before you all, with my enemy eliminated, my mind duly seated on its throne, while I sit back on mine. There was a sudden sense of deep silence that brought a noticeable awe on those present, they thought the king had been possessed by the evil spirits. They all urged the religious leads and prayed to the ancestral godhead to grant their king the solace they thought he needed and provide him the sense of wisdom they felt was absolutely required in that moment.

The king caught that sense of awe from their eyes and once again rose from his throne and began to gaze from one side to the other. As if moved by his glance they all began to sit down wherever they stood. The chants continued in the background, each one closed their eyes and returned into the deepest silence they had not experienced ever before. They saw their king alighted on large white horse galloping away into the clouds. To everyone's utter astonishment, when they eventually opened their eyes, they could not find the king.

They all raised a huge cry alarmed by what they experienced. The religious leads asked them all to be quiet and rest in peace. They instructed them all to once again be seated in their places, close their eyes and wait for the moment to dawn in each one before they open their eyes. It eventually took years for everyone to come back to a normal situation, however the lesson they learnt that day left an impeccable impression for lifetimes, which now became a part of their consciousness.

Faith in one's inner ability is one thing, relying upon someone whom you have entrusted your life with is another story. Where is the difference in that innate principle and that which reflects from someone's larger than life exhibit? The two stem from same substratum, one has blossomed, the other in its nascent stage, one spreading the fragrance, other sprouting within, one ripe and pleasant other emerging from within. Both are a happening, both are a witness, both are existing, one to guide and lumen your environment, other to make you realize the need for reckoning the existence of that light within. Remember when you are being the guru to your own self, you are drawing from the same substratum, living the same principle, manifesting the same elemental characteristics that connects you to that which you know as your master. HE connects, and creates the longing, the urge, the yearning, the need, HE comes back as a thought wave, flashes across your empty mindscape, provides the solution that lies hidden and untapped within, raises your consciousness, refreshens it with hope, brightening that silver lining, enhancing the hue in your life painting, blowing the dirt out, removing the tiny specs, giving your canvass an enriched look.

Let us all bow to THAT, and be grateful for having HIM in our lives, enriching them and fullfiling them moment to moment for HE IS THAT, THOU ART HIM, THOU ARE THAT.

his divine instrument.......neeraj kohli (

KYC workshop insights - a CHILD of HIS own kind..!!

Having completed KYC TTC and attended 3 workshops (one during TTC 1 and other post KYC TTC), I realised during the most recent one, the subtle beauty of the workshop. And it makes me yet again wonder on the innocent intelligence of our GRAND MASTER ORCHESTRATOR..!!

Entire focus of the workshop is on helping parents/participants to understand how retaining the CHILD in a KID is very important for proper growth and peace of mind. Many questions asked by participants get addressed by understanding provided about how a child views life and how by becoming an integral part of his/her world we become better parents and get them to be part of our lives when we all grow older.

Rest of the questions make participants get an insight on why it is so important to either do an Art Excel or Yes or Yes Plus for their kids and Part I, etc. for themselves. Most importantly when we are able to properly retain the CHILD in a KID they would not need these other courses when they grow up to that age, for they would not gather inappropriate learning's, accumulate harmful habits, garner negative feelings and pent up stress and continue to smile like they always do.

While it is a mind-blowing 2 hours AOL Intro talk, it really has a base in every human being yearning to learn how to effectively deal with their child and therefore meant for all (AOLite/non-AOLite). If you have not been to a KYC workshop yet, you are missing a big lesson GURUJi has smartly embedded in it. Go attend one asap lest you later feel bad of having not taken the opportunity in time.

Good luck and happy understanding mysteries of child rearing!

If you want a KYC workshop organised at your AOL centre, colony, neighborhood, school, RWA, public auditoriums in your locale, or in the basement of your house or in a corporate training hall of your organisation, feel free to write in your requirements to:, if you are anywhere in India., KYC co-ordinator for Delhi, NCR. or call 9971356663 for more insights.

If you have already attended one, do share your experience/insights.
In seva.....Neeraj (a CHILD of HIS own kind...::))....!!!

Can you retain the CHILD in your KID?

Dear Parent, Teacher, Uncle, Aunt or old child,

Moms know bringing up a kid is three jobs rolled into one. Most Dads realise this and attempt to share responsibility as much as their humdrum office lives allow. All a child seeks is a careful attention to pranks, appreciation of the energy body holds and exudes. Despite all our sincere efforts we know there is something more we would like to understand to hone up our kid handling skills.

Use of kid gloves to handle kids is a given however as parents we often find these bundles of love becoming headache generating machines screaming their top off taking our patience through the ceiling. They have learnt a tantrum or two over a period of time. Their intelligence is only to be marvelled at for they know how to get done what they want from each one they deal with at home or outside. Invest 2hours of your time to know exactly what a child needs to be reared without blowing your top. Afterall they deserve an insightful keen loving interaction from us..... come we will help you uncover how to retain the child in a kid.see you all at this beautiful Art of Living - "Know Your Child" Workshop open to all.

Venue: Manoranjan Hall, AIIMS, New Delhi
Date: 29th June 2008, Sunday
Time: 3-5pm (report in by 230 for registrations)
Jaigurudev.......Neeraj Kohli (9971356663)

Wish to become a Minister?

I have heard, seen and felt Guruji many a times and with much more focus and intensity recently that we need a wave of patriotism to be raised throughout the youth (both young and young at hearts) of our country. This is the missing aspect we need to rekindle today. Indian democracy that we live in today is deemed to be the largest in the world. Can it be made even more meaningful, effective and efficient? Yes the answer is a big YES, and the obvious question in the mind is how do we achieve that? How do we get the right youth into the mainstream, to help them be there and help us serve the country better? To inspire oneself to move towards this goal, over next few months (as conveyed by Guruji during his recent trips) and continue on it long long after and others to join in the march towards a disease free, stress free, quiver free, dilemma free, confusion free, healthy, calm, happy state of everlasting blissful being and society.

Are you ready to be the Minister (Mantri) of your own being? It occurred one day while sharing some Guru stories with a friend, that Mantri is but a combination of two words Mann (Mind) and Tri (three states/times). And I was amazed to recognize this beautiful connection between three states of mind, past, present and future is only possible through the present. You see what it means? Now to be in present moment all the time is like being the minister of your own self, being centered, being in charge of your life, your learning's from the past to help you build the vision of your future, and then act in the present to create the destiny you envision for yourself. Do you get it?

Therefore to be a real patriot, you need to have that love for your country and eventually this whole world that guruji often tells belongs to us. And the starting point is your own self. Service does not happen from an empty bowl. So if you are not in charge of your own mind, your own being, your own life, committing to the bigger cause of serving the nation, building the nation and helping to create a peaceful society is a far cry. And we are so lucky, Guruji has given us such simple, profound and more than complete tools to be your own minister. And if you are already that, your responsibility now is to look around and begin the next step, inspire others to be that (which many of us do), think of moving even deeper, and take our country to its next biggest level, which it always enjoyed in past.... sone ki chidiya ko sone ke chidiya ban-ne-se kab tak rok sakoge (how long can you stop the golden bird - as India was known in past times of its global glory, from becoming that)? Have you heard of a Yuvachariya from Chhattisgarh, being made a MLA/councilor from constituency he worked for under YLTP program, by people who benefitted from AOL 5H projects? Stage is set, path carved and lit with divine grace, all we need is to come forward and commit to be the minister that we are and become the one that can serve the society and country even better.......!!!

JAIGURUDEV.......Neeraj (minister of HIS own kind..::))...!!!

Guruji: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Narayan Narayan‏

So whats this instrument going to play tonight?

what music shall you divine devotees savor from heavenly rhythms of my master's style? Ah each day when I sit to write, I close my eyes and pray to my divine master seeking permission to type the keys to reflect the words flowing through my mindscape. thoughts that flow out spontaneously, instantaneously converted into words, sometimes churned faster than thought process, sometimes sooner than speed of visualisation, they appear tick tak tick tak tick tak tick tick on the keyboard!
master who runs my life, is so meticulous, so deep rooted within, that whatever comes out is always a symphony of unique kind. an un-expressed, un-sung tune, an un-written statement of re-defined ultimate truth. Truth being spherical has application in every new moment, in every timezone, in every epoch! he nurtures, he gardens, he weeds, he tenders, he tills, he waters, he shapes, he takes me wee bit closer to destiny he carves through me!
he becomes the devil's advocate and sometimes reminds me to re-write the paradox. to re-write what was written earlier from an 180degree opposite perspective, to reiterate fact that opposites are complimentary, that truth is beyond opposite perspectives, it is not in one shade or the other, it is within and without the combination of two, it is not in duality, it is not in non-duality, it is in the yonder, somewhere inside layers of waves riding the ocean itself, somewhere in between the patterns of thought, somewhere between the sound and silence, somewhere in between the words and spaces, somewhere far away beyond the horizon, yet close enough to fill your heart, blissful stilling moment, stunned by motionless emotional turmoil, shaken by steadfast appearance of glossy sheen radiating from peaceful glimpse of my master's formless formed calm face.
radiate that you hold within for the world needs your peace, radiate that which you are inside, radiate that is your radiation appearing as your master within, radiate for the world deserves to look much better than it appears today, with a calm posture you nullify the agitation of negative elements around, you take responsibility to do this much, HE shall deliver the new world order to you sooner than you can imagine! to be what HE taught us to be is the only way to respect THEE.
offer everything that HE delivered unto you back to this world as an expression of your gratitude, BE great and full!

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Being my first article for this column, word sharing came to mind. What is sharing, what all can be shared, how much can be shared, how much have we shared back in life. Let us examine what nature shares with us. Mountains, earth, seasons, sun, stars, milky way, moon, planets, universe, leaves, branches, trees, forest, rivulets, canals, rivers, lakes, ponds, channels, wells, sea, oceans, vapor, clouds, rains, plains, valleys, green lands, grass, fruit laden trees, fruits, vegetables, cereals, lentils, oil, gas, coal, diamonds, the list is endless, countless, boundless, for like mother, nature never tires of giving what it has to its co-habitants. Winds, the chime, the music of rivers, the texture of wind on water, multiple stars on sun glittered lake, a symphony, an orchestrated amalgamation of abundance, an infinite flow. Look at our mother, she gave us everything we ever needed, our father always provided for us what we required, milk, a back rub, toys, lullaby, a song, a poem, a story, a dream, a vision, an inspiration, an experience, a direction, a bicycle. Our brothers and sisters did the same, a bed, a book, a pen, a writing pad, a notebook, a coke, ice-cream, a bath, a pillow fight, a fight with our enemies, imagination is not needed to complete this list for it comes naturally. Our peers, friends have given us so much, competitive spirit, on open ear, a compassionate heart, a walk in the garden, an excitement over our ideas, a step, a shade, rest, information, ideas, game plans, games, workbooks, work..... Our teachers gave us lectures, valuable morals, guidance, direction, patience, discipline, punctuality, jokes, anecdotes, dramas, algorithm, analogy, approach, planning, strategy, confidence, esteem, skills. Everyone around has given us what they had, and what we needed. While sitting in a puja, a yagna, or a simple religious ritual we learnt to offer back to fire, that which has been bestowed on us. That which we get we learnt to share back as a gesture to mother divine from our rituals. The practices, the prayer taught us to offer gratitude for what we received. There is one thing that I feel we all seem to underestimate, the power of experience. Any experience has an ability to teach. All we need is an open mind tuned in the moment. What does a moment, any moment hold or offer? It is yet another chance to do, redo, undo, or pick what we missed to pick, see what we missed to see, hear what we missed to hear, say what we missed to say, write what we missed to write, share what we missed to share. Sharing is a way to express that what we gathered and carried with us, when the experiences that taught us the same were left way behind in time. Does it weigh, are our leanings heavy, difficult to shoulder or were they embedded in our system without our awareness. Every atom has a similar structure, a neutron within, some protons in middle, electrons on surface. Every atom gave molecules their structure to build them. Every cell is made of atoms, molecules, every human cell carried with it the lesson of creating life, how an ear came up somewhere from a similar looking cell an eye came up, and somewhere the nose, the senses, the inner subtler faculties like mind, intellect, ego,,,,,, All elements from the same cell. Cell that carried the lesson to be what it became, an ear for example and not be what it did not an eye for example, Sharing is nothing but carrying the lesson and passing it on. How much do we value our own experiences, there is a definite lesson in each that we admire, stick with or like to share. There is a sense of belongingness; my own experience taught me this and this, that is normal expression. 1000s, millions, billions of people like you and me out there going through in numerable experience around the globe, not everyone gets reported, not everyone gets shared. Potential each experience whether your, mine or someone else’s holds is same, a lesson to be learnt, a lesson to be shared. Sharing is our nature, sharing is in our code, sharing is a learnt behavior, sharing is the law of nature, can we therefore remain from sharing, can we therefore hold what belongs out there, can we withhold what is not ours in first place. That what we experienced may be unique, but the lesson it taught us was learnt by someone else in another time, in another situation, in another lifetime, in another continent, in another unique environment, over and over again the lessons keep coming to light, to be learnt to be shared. A student is best teacher, when you remain open to receive in every moment, you share back what you have, giving it back what you get is law of nature, you came empty handed you will go back empty handed, the lessons you learn are meant to be shared for that is the law of nature. The more you receive the more your responsibility to share back and following the law, the code for sharing happens, you do not need to make an effort to share, it is our nature.


PDS - 8weeks/55days/3300hours/198000secs away

So much excitement in the air, so many teams working like a big orchestra, bringing out divine rhythm, each focussed on their own objective, yet aligned to that one common GOAL. Dhan Dhana Dhan, Dhan Dhana Dhan, Dhan Dhana Dhan karenge Goal. Delhi ke 1st PDS ko banayenge anmol!

Yes there are umpteen reasons to reserve a seat on this train, uncountable ways to take part, this is your Country, this is your capital, YOU got to make it bigger than everywhere else put together.When car population of Delhi can be bigger than sum of all metros put together, this PDS has got to be bigger than any other so far and with YOUR participation, it will be complete.

AOL has become a fashion statement in todays corporate training world. Likewise PDS shall make it a fashion statement of the masses, so roll up your sleeves, forget what AOL you have known of the past, join us and help us make the AOL of our dreams, AOL of future, AOL of masses, AOL of openness, AOL where everyone has unrestricted yet a disciplined access to Guruji's ocean of love.

Come hold hands to make Guruji's vision of adopting 100,000 villages a reality through this one PDS! Let us spread the excitement, get corporate funds for sponsorship, invite donations for this nobel cause, our NGO is the largest in the world today with 97% funds being ploughed back to actual social development work. World bank officials had jumped from their seats when they saw our data on work done in 10000 villages, the kind no other NGO which had taken funds from them, showed in return. All that was done without any external funding, imagine the kind of power we bring into the system by now inspiring corporates to offer funds. How much more can we do, with extra resources. It is only a matter of wonder!

Dont feel shy, do not resist, let your mind no longer hold you back, come flow with us, come be the flute KRISHNA plays..............!!!


Yoga and Meditation Camp with HH SS RS - book your seats today!

Subtlty is a skill everyone wishes to develop. It brings out dynamism, while you rest in silence. An arrow pulled on bow string, does not look to be directed in reverse is actually geared to take off with a zing in forward. Yoga ensures bow is well oiled, string is tightly tied to both ends. Meditation gives the clarity of target/direction the arrow is to follow. Yoga makes your body healthy, meditation cleanses the mind. Together they make you merge in ultimate peace. Preparing you for a smooth ride through various situations life presents.

Such a powerful combination delivered directly by HIM to numerous gathered to bask in HIS divine nectar makes PDS a very special occasion. When body/mind layers are tuned into big mind, healings (re-alignment of energy) both at the level of body and mind take place in that moment.We are fortunate to have this event scheduled in heart of the country from 27-30th Mar 2008, please book your seat, and inspire others not to miss this rare and wonderful lifetime chance.

Feel free to donate into VVKI APEX BODY NORTH Acc no- 000701017478(ICICI ), intimate donor details and amount for tracking. Jaigurudev!Neeraj 9971356663

Wanna be a Cool Yogi dude?

Just hang in there!!!
1. Do you wonder when your body does not listen to your parents cry asking you to get ready for school/college/ work?
2. Do you wonder when your body is all up and bubbly to get into an orphanage to donate some of your time, clothes and pocket money and your mind drags you to a discothèque instead?
3. Do you wonder who all those hunks are like who like to spend time on a Yoga mat and picking yoga clothes at latest hep store in town?
4. Do you wonder how someone could draw you into something so philosophical like Vedic science?
5. Do you wonder how many layers are there to your existent other than body, breathe and mind?
6. Do you wonder how these layers are so out of sync playing their own jargons?
7. Do you recognize the chaos within and fed up of the lethargy and wish to take charge of your chaos?
8. Do you wish to learn the latest orchestration trick to make your 7 layers mesh with each other in a symphony Beethoven imagined but could never create?
9. Do you wait for the pied-piper to lead you through the magical, music of heavens, into your divine fun place?
10. Are you ready for fun, do you want to be at the funniest event of century?

If you have answered yes to any or many of above questions, give yourself a pat, you qualified and are 100% fit to join the gang and get branded as COOL YOGI.....

Come, meet us at Japanese Garden, Rohini, Delhi, be a bonsai, or a bulls eye, be part of madness divine, be the storm that is taking the capital by the spin, wake up and shake off that slumber for the pied-piper arrives to town on 27th Mar 2008 to be with you till 30th March 2008 to make you dance the latest ROCK TAANDAV, helping you align the inner chaos into a amalgamation of flavour musical extravaganza to turn your bow (body) and arrow (mind) into Arjun's eye for the target you wish your life to follow through henceforth!

We at Art of Living foundation crazily await your mushy presence at this rare unique and a life transforming occasion and have some real fun with the funniest master of the century, H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

permanency of impermanency‏

everything changes, says my master, skin, blood, brain cells, etc keep changing to replace the old with new. similarly labels change, roles change, organisations change, decision makers change, decisions change, old clothes are replaced with new, old order is replaced with new, old schemes loose their newness and get replaced with newer.

whole world is transitory, everything that one can see with the eye is subject to change, something that is born eventually withers away, flowers blossom and wither, humans are born and one day drop the body, friends change, relatives change, alignments change, political scenario changes, parties change, government changes..... the list is unending.....

remain aligned to one that observes all changes, is permanent reference point to refer what changed, and you shall never loose permanance of such impermanancy. feeling that someone made a change to favor oneself, misused his/her power, is only temporary for they would one day realise it too, that mother nature is always watching to balance that goes out of balance, to obliterate the dark forces with its light, for their is none other than the true master, who is form of the formless, in whom everything occurs, HE is the one in whom everything is happening, HE is the happening, HE is the event, HE is the change, HE is the permanence of impermanence.

offer all your efforts, services, prayers, feelings, illfeelings, hurt feelings, rubbings by those who do not seem to like you, who think they know better than your master, forgive them, forget their ignorance. Your master will ensure growth continues to happen on the path, HE always knows your best interest and keeps it in whatever happens. in seva remember everything goes to HIM, act with HIS awareness in all that happens and let your smile always shine! and HE also says if someone slaps one cheek, make sure he/she is not able to slap on the other, give it back in a nice way, one strong one with a bright smile, without loosing your inner calm/peace! any organisation is but a reflection of society....... give feedback honestly gracefully while receiving it gratefully!

PDS flow: KITE FLYING competition with Poojya Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji‏

While Pranayam (Yoga) strengthens your body (bow) and Dhayan (meditation) sharpens your mind(arrow) making the two aligned to achieve any target you set your eyes on, an intriguing kite flying competition also takes place in HIS august presence!

"Guru tatva ko mann ki baat samaj main aa jati hai, hum kab special hoyenge, yeh chodo, aaj tum special ho yeh jaan lo!" (Master element is aware of your mind state, it knows your mind longs to be the special one who is close to the master, forget this thought and be aware that you are special).

Most of us are aware that state of mind impacts breathing pattern. If happy, breath is calm and unnoticed. If agitated, you breath heavily. The traffic is not one way. Guruji discovered this during 10 days silence post which he gave universe "Sudarshan Kriya". If we count back from 10 to 1 slowly when you are angry, you find yourself becoming calm, you actually end up breathing slower while you count.

Our mind is a kite always eager to fly with or without the winds. Make breath the thread to keep it in control. Mann jitey so jag jitey (one who wins his/her own mind, wins the world), so this March be with His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji (GURUJI) and enjoy a subtle KITE FLYING, join the competition and see how many win their worlds.

Feel inspired? Act on this feeling now to complete it and book your pass!
Dates: 27th Mar 2008, Mahasatsang, PDS 28-30th Mar 2008 (6-8am, 630-830pm)
Venue: Japanese Garden, Rohini, New Delhi

In HIS service....Neeraj 9971356663 JAIGURUDEV!

Criticism usually comes from those who do not work

while you move around acting on your intense feelings, expressing love through seva that you choose to deliver unto HIM, remember there would be many critics, many who attempt to become roadblock, many who would be there to de-motivate you, to pull you down for they do not know one should align oneself with someone through whom guru's grace flows freely, to overcome feelings of jealousy, and become part of their bliss.

many would dissuade you from doing what you are good at, knowingly or unknowlingly they would setup obstacles, pulling and pushing you away from your goal. remember these signals are there to strengthen you from within, to reinforce your resolve to continue to serve HIM selflessly. HE is the path, he is the goal, he is the act, he is the feeling, he is the critism, he is the one who works, he is the one who helps you rise above any occasion, he is event, he is the lesson you missed to take. HE is the one in you that you long to be, he is the one you belong to, he is the who is the means to the end, he is the one for whom you do what gets done through you, he is the one your prayer reaches out to, he is the one who always listens to your heart, wipes your tears, broadens your smile, expands your consciousness when low, he is the one who carries you in his arms when you cannot walk, he is the one who holds your little finger when like a child you are unable to cross any road of life.

My master is the best, he is my world, my inner peace, puts my soul to rest!

Come solidify your being in HIS presence this March
Mahasatsang 27th Mar 2008 630pm onwards,
PDS 28-30th Mar 2008 (6-8am, 630-830pm)
Venue: Japanese Garden, Rohini, New Delhi

Book your berth on Rajdhani PDS x-PRESS today! In HIS service .....Neeraj 9971356663

Monday, February 4, 2008

Perfection in Action

seeking perfection in a action is illusory, every action has something good and something not so good as the outcome. For example you are that soldier on the field fighting enemy, if you do not shoot you get killed, if you shoot, you are shooting another human life... so stop worrying about outcome of your action, just keep doing 100% what you are capable of delivering and leave rest to divine, do it with awareness in the wakeful state that you all are! Have you noticed when you open a tap full throttle all the muck around the base just gets washed away with the flow, so just open your flood gates of energy, and let others just get washed with you, you become the centre of tornado and before you know the whole town would be circling along doing the thing you are focussing ON......

Monday, January 21, 2008

united we stand divided we fall

hinduism is about being all embracing, that is why you find over 33crore divine names, infact if each one has his own god, it would make up for a unique world. prayer is of the heart, very unique to each one of us.. it does not matter who you bow ur head to, it all goes to that ONE..
sri sri has shown how simply is it attainable by practising what his seva warriors, epitome of peace and love have to share with the world...

unity is required where there is the other, in advaita, there is none other, it is all ONE, so question of getting together to fight a cause does not even arise... we have been like that and sometimes forget that arjuna in each one, does take charge every now and then to shake us out of our own dillemmas, it just needs a krishna to awaken us to our own destiny.... your views about hindu uniting to form a spritual council is wonderful, that has always been the case, our scriptures always talk about these sabhas(councils) working behind the scenes to keep this worldly affairs moving!

been there done that - let go

yesterday was one hectic day, driving upto washington press club with filiz, meeting george, who took us around the 3 different types of rooms that they provide for press conferences.

zenger is the smallest kind, one look and i knew it was not enough. seats 40people looks good, but small. Filiz felt very much the same. Holeman much bigger, brightly lit apropriate for a decent gathering. Ballroom the largest, may be too big for the short duration we have in mind to get this going. availability - 17th, tuesday 2006, 8am to 11am.

ooops, what to do - to book or not to book, filiz carefully takes all details from george, asking the room to be put on hold while we go back and confirm few arrangements.

we left back for her place. picked up her lovely daughters from school enroute, got something from a local store. while waiting for her to return, had a quick coversation with little angels perched up like very sweet kids in back seats of my car. so you must be the naughty one i said to the younger one, yes-- hmm so how do i know.. do u have friends in school in her class, a grin, im sure she has a few who keep feeding her about your naughtiness from your class. yes i do know a few... ok so you hv met guruji, YES and the twinkle in their eyes said the rest...

back home, a quick lunch, the media directory arrived, went through the women's conference coffee table book, remembering all the familiar faces, i have had an opportunity to work with in past.... each one divine.

we started eating and calling up everyone for making sure we do a good job and get the right people to be present for the event. do you think it is too early.. no we are late. ok even i was thinking so, what do u suggest, let us book it for 17th, it is a good day... hmmm
do u like some tea.... sure.. while baking some stuff for kids, this is going to be your future too.... ah..

dr diana was so helpful and excited when we told her about the event and all ready to come over all the way from newyork to share her experience with media. neeraj call the PR Web and make sure you ask them these few questions..ok sure i will, goodluck for your docs appointment!
Jeff said he is ok with the arrangement and we should ensure we do our best. John called later in the evening when i was about to leave, saying how many people he thought would come and filiz said, we are putting in our 100% and we are not the doers so rest is upto guruji.. hmm but we want you there, come what may! OK

travelled back to my brothers place in annapolis and while listening to amrutava, i suddenly broke down into a pool of tears, do not know what was happening, but it was so profuse that i felt i was missing him too much and longing was on its peak so far.

i called back this morning to check plan for today and filiz announced, she had call with ajay and guruji and he felt we better do this after the event, when everyone would know more about us.
the press release is to be released though know we have a few more days to do that... filiz - neeraj you are not going to like all this.. but at least it got us all working no it is ok, afterall he knows better than any of us!

wonder if it was working to make a press conference happen or a dress rehearsal for something bigger to come in future!

been there done that

yesterday was one hectic day, driving upto washington press club with filiz, meeting george, who took us around the 3 different types of rooms that they provide for press conferences.

zenger is the smallest kind, one look and i knew it was not enough. seats 40people looks good, but small. Filiz felt very much the same. Holeman much bigger, brightly lit apropriate for a decent gathering. Ballroom the largest, may be too big for the short duration we have in mind to get this going. availability - 17th, tuesday 2006, 8am to 11am.

ooops, what to do - to book or not to book, filiz carefully takes all details from george, asking the room to be put on hold while we go back and confirm few arrangements.

we left back for her place. picked up her lovely daughters from school enroute, got something from a local store. while waiting for her to return, had a quick coversation with little angels perched up like very sweet kids in back seats of my car. so you must be the naughty one i said to the younger one, yes-- hmm so how do i know.. do u have friends in school in her class, a grin, im sure she has a few who keep feeding her about your naughtiness from your class. yes i do know a few... ok so you hv met guruji, YES and the twinkle in their eyes said the rest...

back home, a quick lunch, the media directory arrived, went through the women's conference coffee table book, remembering all the familiar faces, i have had an opportunity to work with in past.... each one divine.

we started eating and calling up everyone for making sure we do a good job and get the right people to be present for the event. do you think it is too early.. no we are late. ok even i was thinking so, what do u suggest, let us book it for 17th, it is a good day... hmmm
do u like some tea.... sure.. while baking some stuff for kids, this is going to be your future too.... ah..

dr diana was so helpful and excited when we told her about the event and all ready to come over all the way from newyork to share her experience with media. neeraj call the PR Web and make sure you ask them these few questions..ok sure i will, goodluck for your docs appointment!
Jeff said he is ok with the arrangement and we should ensure we do our best. John called later in the evening when i was about to leave, saying how many people he thought would come and filiz said, we are putting in our 100% and we are not the doers so rest is upto guruji.. hmm but we want you there, come what may! OK

travelled back to my brothers place in annapolis and while listening to amrutava, i suddenly broke down into a pool of tears, do not know what was happening, but it was so profuse that i felt i was missing him too much and longing was on its peak so far.

i called back this morning to check plan for today and filiz announced, she had call with ajay and guruji and he felt we better do this after the event, when everyone would know more about us.
the press release is to be released though know we have a few more days to do that... filiz - neeraj you are not going to like all this.. but at least it got us all working no it is ok, afterall he knows better than any of us!

wonder if it was working to make a press conference happen or a dress rehearsal for something bigger to come in future!

divine pinch


His recent gift on xmas was a pinch on my left upper arm right above the elbow. "Tum seva kar rahe ho?" Ji guruji. "Nahin silver jubilee ke liye aur karo." Left me wondering.

This was his 3rd visit this year ever since I came to US and he continues to reach out to each one of us in his own way. So far I could not devote much time towards seva activities since we were blessed with a little princess last month. I thought planning to donate part of my salary, making travel arrangement to be in Bangalore for the event, getting Mikey to talk with my manager for a corporate course possibility were sufficient initiatives. Gurus' pinch triggered fresh ideas, initiatives and avenues to explore for seva.

Here is what happened so far:
.Forwarded softcopy of tribune article .1000 gather for Guru. to contacts.
.Called up aolite Bangalore friend, got fund raising material for India, sentit out to my contacts there.
.Called Ruby/Suresh/Kishore to get involved in doing fund raising in NewJersey.
.Priya and little angel Soumya accompanied me yesterday evening for our firstfund raising calls. Others thought I was bit out of mind carrying a new born incold for seva. In my heart I know how I wanted them to be with me initially sothat little twinkle in Soumya's eyes played guruji's magic on the people wewere approaching for ads. and that way laxmiji blessed our efforts too. .Spoke with Suresh and a none-AOL contact to utilize extra time (3-4hrs everyday) at hand from my regular fulltime job in doing any kind of job whichprovides additional sum. Needless to mention this amount would be donated forsilver jubilee. Need everyone's help to find one quickly preferably within AOLfamily.

Guruji knows our abilities are really much more than we think, and through hisdivine pinch he continues to push us like a father his son, so that we do notget stuck in small mind and go beyond our comfort zone to do more. After allnature, like the ocean never keeps a drop that you put in, always returns it inthe form of rain, snow, sunshine, in-numerable blessings that keep flowingcourtesy HIS DIVINE grace. So what are we waiting for?

Suresh told me guruji is happy at NJ's progress so far. Wonder if that isenough. We certainly are capable of much more. Are 1991 NJ yahoo group memberswaiting for divine pinch to join the Silver jubilee group of 31? If so, I am more than willing to continue being his instrument, to shake each one out of small mindedness - let us not get STUCK with the IDEA that we havedone enough or are approaching same set of people for doing more. And who do wethink is doing whatever is happening? It is part of divine plan, his will, hisaction, which has never gone un-accomplished. So if someone thinks he/she is done enough, think again, divine has no limits,the guru in you is waiting to pinch you out of this idea.

Special thanks to Vikas for providing me esatsang address to share my recent experience with bigger family. And sharing what to focus on this week per guruji's direction. Jaigurdev!

smart seva

I remember way back in 2002, when guruji took me with him to Rishikesh in hiscar, sitting behind him, adorning a rainbow colored turbun gifted by the WaterSamellan event, he had stopped enroute for and black glasses, turns around,"main kaisa lag raha hun???"" guruji bilkul goonda lag rahe ho..

Following 3 weeks in rishikesh swarg ashram, churned me inside out. Came backto Delhi and spent another couple of months staying at Maheshjis 35H, SouthExtension home, turned to little ashram, alongwith Nitin Bhaiya (now RishhiNitya Pragya), Bharat Bhiaya, Prasanna Prabhu, Niranjan Dev, Anil Bahl, AjeyVij, Aruna Didi, doing seva. That time guruji's focus was to conquer delhi thecapital of India. Turn in the politicians and IAS officers, they affect lives ofmillions, if each one is transformed, see how much change it could bring tothose they interact with (least guess 50,000 each every month).

Today charged with the DIVINE PINCH, I thought this TRUTH must be applied forsilverjubilee fund raising and reaching out to people seva as well. Here is what I have done from yesterday: #Called up local ad magazine: little india and bargained for a reciprocal ad in next publication. While going through the magazine found ad of Sakara Eye foundation. Asking for $1000 contribution to get ones name written on eye hospital wall that would be built from the funds generated. Gave me an idea tofulfill HIS VISION, smartly. Balle Balle Sri Sri Ravi Sanakara, you continue to reach me in innumerable ways.
#Called up news paper that carried guruji's latest US visit article. Have gottheir offer to carry our ads, working to finalise the same before getting itreleased.
#Called up Vikas, Ruby and Suresh to share how we could do something similar and increase our reach out to everyone through ads on this mega saga spritualolympic that our krishna is arranging for all.
#Spoke to Ajay, to get guruji's blessing on our ads context.
#all this while driving for a satsang and princton volunteer team meeting at lalithaji's ashram, alongwith this time only my little angel Soumya, Mom priyadecided to carry on with packing for taking off back India on 31st. Not tomention Soumya was very co-operative and attentive to serious planningdiscussions we had with Ruby and Suresh leading the team.
Ruby: tumko main example father ka title dene wali hun, you manage Soumya so well! no no, i just wanted priya to know how I would feel once Soumya is awayfor next month and a half. No Neeraj Suresh never did anything like this (shealmost whispered...::)). Well does my guru not show each one true way to carefor everyone who belongs to us?
#Placed couple of free ads on and inviting everyoneto participate in this event.
#chat with Anju Bhatia from Bangalore to share what I was doing up so late inUS.
#read a response on my experience DIVINE PINCH, which got read out in a satsangin Delhi by Vandana Aadesh, that guruji wants everyone to actually put in 100%and more.... #decided to share my daily progress and experiences here. Guruji says if you have a talent and you do not use it, it is likely to be taken away from you. Sodont wait, PINCH URSELF, SCRATCH upper most portion of your head, pull the250,000th hair right above the left ear, let fresh ideas flow, pick at leastone - ACTION IT NOW. SMART GURU SMART SEWAKS SMART SEVA.... jaigurudev.......

chalo chalo.... jaldi karo time is fleeting time is fleeting time is fleeeeeeeeting... and myheart is beating of the guru melody, by guruji's grace, for GURUJI...........and each one of you out there.

Remember guruji just wants us to reach out to everyone, giving them a chance to take part in this MEGA YAGYA, so that they all get the yag-phal and are notleft wondering why they never knew it before hand that such wonderful opportunity was only a few steps away.....!!! And how much guruji loves one andall......... "main sab ko ek nazar se dekhta hun", he once said closing one eyewith his hand, triggering tons of laughter in a highly serious Teacherrefresher course at Simla. JAIGURUDEV... i remain truly, Guruji's instrument, principle consultant on howto exploit internet to reach out to the masses quickly,,,, stay tuned for DO ITMIKEY story that i intend writing tomorrow....... ******************

flute that krishna played

Dear Divine Devotee,

You are in my heart, like I am in yours. meetings to discuss and finalize plans for upcoming PDS are underway. there are some who may not be able to directly take part in planning and execution, therefore would like to keep everyone abrest of developments so that we all begin to eat, drink, walk, talk, sleep, think, imagine, and let the PDS become a part of our awareness till we reach the day it actually happens, let us all put in our best focus and energy to make it and take it to the level it awaits to reach through each one of us. let the chaos begin, the taandav enacted...

NCR has had many mega events so far, there are many more underway and everyone is working towards one common goal, like HIS instrument, transcending all layers of existence to connect, dip and merge directly into the SELF and beyond. You know we all carry the small mind with us for it is apparently very light in weight, it costs nothing, is available freely, is very proactive, is there to become the devil's advocate without charging an apparent fee, for it gives ideas that short circuit our journey to freedom, lets us be in touch with all our insignificant layers and veils the real self, the big mind so craftly.

But what worth it really is? Just dig in and you will discover, it is a cause of misery, it is the one that is driving us away from reality, turning our focus to small little doubts, jealousy, cravings, comparison, fame, doership, etc and not letting us remain in constant companionship with the big mind which looks at the vast skies, giving me an idea of who am i. sets me free, tells me i am infinity, i have no limits, i am beyond critisism of small minds, i am not a role, not a label, not even a reciever of credit for what happens, beyond all these and much more, that cannot be defined, explained, censored, refined, captured, held back, described, therefore understood, i am the presence larger than life, action without act, love without condition, peace without pleasure, pure, sat chit ananda, that and beyond, i am not someone's idea of a rule, form, not what small minds think i am, not that can be withheld but by my ownself, not another's opinion, nor fame, neither infamy, not another's way of doing things, not even these words, i carve my own road, yet respect others ways, opinion, views, ideas, rules, definitions, imagination, have compassion large enough to encompass the universe, inclusive view of a big team working together building a better tomorrow for one and all.

R U here?
i do not know anything, yet i know THAT, aware yet open to recieve every moment, alert yet lost in my guruji's blissful self, here yet not here, far from HIM longing to be with him physically all the time, yet one with him, his presence with me beyond time, see him through all instruments skillfully arranged in the biggest orchestra that HE has evolved over such a short period of time, he is the melody that i am tuned into every moment, he is the love that flows through me endlessly, love that touches, bridges, nurtures, cares, shares, uplifts, raises, irons out, enlivens, makes one go crazy, that trendy fashion statement of corporate professional or whoever, who lost his small mind in numerous, foolish attempts, to merge in big one..

i am there to let the air that he blows into this flute be blown out loud and clear like a lovely soul stirring music somewhere described in the sama veda, somewhere concocted by numerous magicians of music world, perhaps notes of beethoven's playful piano, for sure the intertwined string intoxicated rhythm of guruji's veena!mast ho jao, kiyun ki WOH sab kar rahe hain, dekh rahe hain!You are the flute that krishna played, guruji my krishnalike HE is the one getting the spiritual masters of the world together, is there a need to connect all devotee, volunteer, teacher divine souls?? who belong to each other through the big mind, yet sometimes may get caught up in the small mind, who have done so much and have the ability to do much more, who are intense, yet wish to become more sensitive, who are grown up, yet love to grow more, who are significantly selflessly immersed in letting the tasks done by him through them happen, yet sometimes feel stuck in the pride of doing it, nobody, yet connected to everybody out there who is tirelessly, selflessly putting in his/her best foot forward in this march, it is all his play anyway, so why take it too seriously

R U READY FOR Pure Divine Dip into SELF!
may guru's grace always keep me humble JAIGURUDEV aho niranjano!!

sab PDS ke liye kaam karo...... Sri Sri

"Sab PDS ke liye kaam karo, ek ek se hissab loonga...."
Those who recall Divine Pinch from silver jubilee days, are familiar with HIS ways to inspire, instil and establish that needs to be done, at perfect time in subtlest manner, a skill he continues to teach us through demonstration.
While entering check-in area for boarding his flight to Hyderabad from Delhi on night of 5th Jan 2008, after giving some phenomenal talks at 5 different mega events in 1.5days, looking straight into eyes of each one encircling him, moving along as a big bouquet of flowers tuned into his divine nectar, he thus spoke in honey laden tone, with Index finger (guru) pointing out, thumb (mangal or the warrior) holding the rest in a tight grip, hand moving subtly from one to the next;
"Sab PDS ke liye kaam karo, ek ek se hissab loonga......" with a smile as big as ever, eyes rolling naughtily with a twinkle all around, making each cell permeate with the eminence he attaches to this event, with a distinct detachment of krishna's larger than life play act.
Here is what I understood:
I have always done everything for each one of you and continue to do so. This PDS is also for you, so that the Divya Samaj Nirmaan that DSN volunteers are suppose to help create gets done effortlessly for you today and your kids tomorrow. Mixture is churned, cask laid, mould set, and oven ready at temperature needed to bake. All we need to do now is pick up the jelly filled mould place it in the oven, to turn it into cake. And he waits to come back to check the "Purushaarth" each one puts in so that he can square up our karmas in one go as icing. GRACE, unending, unconditional, unlimited, understatement of the kalyug, as if avatar of kaalki himself is here to give life to what Krishna gave in Gita to Arjuna 5000+ years ago.
Each one get ready for PDS (Pure Dip into the SELF) joy ride.
DRESS CODE for the march to destination CAPITAL PDS:
· attire : smile
· armour : guru faith
· approach : unshakeable attitude
· skill : guru focus
· knowledge : guru gyan
· ability : guru dhyan
· mantra : guru vakyam
· prayer : guru padukam
And join hands yet again to create a historical PDS, after all Capital is the Heart and Soul of a country, what happens here will create multiple unending ripples across the nation and further the cause of Vasudhiav Kutumbakam!!!
I was witness to Pune PDS in Nov 2007, largest so far with his Grace and told Delhi will do better than that. Numerous amazing healing experiences I saw in Pune, shall share later..... Guru’s grace will take you and those you care for to their real HOME, for even oceanic tsunami does not touch children of god, places of worship, those established in TRUTH!
Stay tuned for juicier, fattier, wholesome and heart appealing news in coming days!!!
However, here is sample helping for salivating souls as appetising starters....
HE has been telling us all to read Yoga Vashistha and Gita. I am sure many of us have already done it or are in process, or praying to HIM to grant them courage to make a beginning. While we devotees, are busy imbibing, learning, reading the epochs old scriptures, he is busy to write and release the latest versions of the TRUTH in present day language and form that is easily chewable and digestible.
He provides the ingredients, cuts the vegetables, cooks, turns, sautés, unleashes the flavours, creates the aroma, serves, eats, makes the enzymes available for digestion, digests and makes each one feel fulfilled. He is the doer of all, yet does nothing, one in whom everything arises, everything merges, everything transforms, changes, yet remaining forever unchanged. He is the TRUTH he speaks, writes, teaches, exemplifies, demonstrates, travels...hah....
HE is the only reality, MAHATRUTH of all truths!!!!
Latest sutra unfurled by HIM during his recent visit in various events ( Management of Transformation, Pranayam Centre foundation stone laying ceremony, World Congress of Pshyscology and Spirituality, Rotary Club District Conference on India Rising,.....)
Secularise the Society,
Spiritualise the Politics,
Socialise the business.
JAIGURUDEV aho niranjano!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

None Before Never Again

Once upon a time....

7th April 2006

This is story of a unique boy.

...and a unique master, who touched, transformed, tracked and took his life to zenith that the boy always dreamt to reach. (added on 17th April 2006).

10th April 2006

Rather this is about birth of an idea. That took 39years of gestation, simmering, nurturing, germination, before it sprouted to inhale the fresh air from deep underground towards the open skies in search of rays of sun.

39years, yes some ideas rise and die in our heads, some are recognized, voiced, even shared, but never converted to action they promise to hold within, or potential of which is not explored to its ultimate capacity. This one, may have commonality with some others, in that someone else would have also had it and used it to do what I intend doing with it.

The uniqueness however, is in the ground that bore it, the mind that recognized it, the conscience that picked it from deepest layers to bring it out on the surface for others to savor it, be enriched by its beauty, fullness, profound impact that it promises to have on generations to come.

Each year the idea got pushed from one layer to next higher up, sometimes it even got pushed back a few layers down. Eventually on 7th April 2006, it was born when I chose to christen it and bring it to life and also wrote the 1st line above. After that it went into background till it resurfaced today.

"None before... never again" attempts to reveal evolution process, each one undergoes, in a lifetime or across multiple lifetimes. A book may be less to describe 39years of someone's life time; words cannot capture experience with its total dimension. Time however, is mystical in nature that what we experience in a year can be reflected upon in an hour while we sit down on New Years Eve to make a new year wish!

00:32am, 3rd January, 2007

Just realized I had already stepped into another day. 5 months expressed in about 5 pages couple days ago when I resurfaced from my eternal slumber to carry forward the task I entrusted upon myself, with an idea, that seems to have taken longer than it thought it would to turn into a full tree, is still somewhere in the sprouted form, raring to quickly grow up to catch the sunlight shone atop the tallest trees in the jungle of life.

Everything is in me; I am in everything, said lord Krishna to Arjuna while reciting Gita to him some 5000 years ago. Personally affirming and confirming and conferring the supreme knowledge to his devotee, friend, fighter, demonstrating his supreme form upon request. While I was reading it, I was reminded of my nascent experience with my master when undertaking a program some 5 years ago, where during my meditation, I saw my master in physical form moving across my entire body in lieu of each movement of prana shakti (life force) while practicing yoga nidra ( a form of meditation when one is lying down on back, hands away from body, feet little apart from each other, eyes closed, attention on breath and mind focused and moving along with instructions from tip to toe to legs, to hips, to abdomen, to chest to arms, to hands and out….From abdomen to stomach to chest to heart region to throat to between the eyebrows to forehead, to top of head to above and beyond the head) A team of about 24 masters moving in succession one after the other, in one go, I was amazed, I was blessed, I was soaked in the divine love of my master for my being, resting my soul in him. I shared it with my teacher, who expressed wonder and left it at that. In another year from then at the Vishalakshi Mantap during guru poornima, (birthday celebration of rishi vyasa, who was the profounder of Vedas, the supreme knowledge about life which was personally conveyed to Arjuna by Lord Himself), I seated amongst a crowd of 5000 plus disciples, devotees from across the globe under my masters direct supervision and instructions for performing the Bhastrika Pranayam, I had a vision of my master manifesting through everyone, I saw him all around me, the vision for my mind was hair raising, yet each moment of it soaked every atom of each cell into a inexpressible sensation, not a tingling vibration, nor a wind blowing through the pores, nor a fragrance of the pious kind, nor a flickering of the light, yet a continuum of luminous shining bright faces, looking alike, putting each bit of me to divine rest, subtly drawing me into deep silence of unspoken syllables, from being to merging to dissolving into the sublime void of breathless moment, captured in time, released unto space in space, devoid of any impurity, pure like white sheet of freshly woven white cloth, unending expanse, a rising tornado of blue, purple, white, pink streaked airy bubbles, moving in exquisite unison yet circular and rising from the nether to the ceiling of the lotus shaped meditation hall…………An experience I thought I would never share with anyone, yet it came back to me so pure and manifested while reading about what is conveyed in the scriptures.

Determination that the steps that are led by him for his sake unto himself through his plans, taking through you, making happen what happens, makes your feet more balanced on the sandy grounds, firmed up, restrained, established, sunk in, situated right where they were destined to be, steadfast into unshakeable, calm, poised, serene, solidified conscience, like the silence of starlit night sky, unto space, from space, through space, towards space, merged, frozen, cemented, grounded, rocked in, mounted, silenced, without another word………….. unmoved, unfazed, fixated, only thought, only vision, only void, only resting abode, only ocean, only breeze, only fire, only ether, only liquid, only earth, only body, only breath, only mind, only memory, only intellect, only ego, only the supreme witness, the super hero, the superlative, the super form, the formless, the indescribable, beyond truth, beyond all this, this yet not this, that and more than that, exclusive yet all inclusive, wondrous amazement, ponderous blankness, white spot in the blackboard, sun of universe, coolness of the moon, greenery of the vegetation, juiciness of fruits, fattiness of fats, unexplained unending existence of same, similar, original, only that which exists in reality, rest all being words, expressions, variants, models, manifestations, petals, blossoms, leaves, branches, twigs, buds, bark, trunk, stem, roots, seeds, saps, code, encodes, mystified, mysteriously hidden, opulently transparent, latent, potent, proponent, demystified truth told time and again yet remaining untold.

Another hour gone by… and beginning of page 101, time for some rest now!